Organizing To Win Governing Power

As we enter a perilous period in American history, with Donald Trump’s bottomless insecurity fueling white supremacy and fascism on the one hand and environmental Armageddon on the other, there […]
James Mumm
  • 334

Trump Violates Law by Taking Putin Notes

The Washington Post has reported that Trump “has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, including on at least one occasion taking possession […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 75

How New Yorkers Hold New Politicians to Their Word

November’s Blue Wave didn’t only take place on a federal level. Democrats flipped hundreds of state legislature seats, including in New York, where they took control of the Senate for […]
Negin Owliaei
  • 215

It’s Time For A Homes Guarantee

Our nation is in a full-blown housing emergency. Today, a person working full time in a minimum-wage job cannot afford a two-bedroom apartment – anywhere in the United States. More […]
Tara Raghuveer
  • 325

Tax Dollars Can Buy Happiness

Corporatists have sought to shame two clear-eyed lawmakers in recent weeks for daring to offer prescriptions to cure America’s rampant economic anxiety.  “Stupid” is what they tried to call new […]
Leo Gerard
  • 235

Trump’s Delusion About the Wall That Never Was

Three weeks have passed since Donald Trump shut down much of the government because Congress won’t give him $5.6 billion in taxpayer money to build 200 miles of his illusory Wall […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 278

Showing Up at the Border for Our Shared Humanity

Two thousand years ago, a young mother and father fled for their lives and left everything behind for the safety of their child. Their names were Mary and Joseph. I […]
Sara LaWall
  • 300

Justice Demands We Free Cyntoia Brown

The facts of the case are simply horrifying: Cyntoia Brown was a child of 16 in Nashville, Tennessee when she was sex-trafficked by a pimp named “Kut-throat.” Just days after […]
Elder Leslie
  • 342

Our Housing Crisis Needs Action Now

Our nation is in a housing crisis that’s getting worse. We need action from our lawmakers now. That’s the message I traveled to Washington with People’s Action housing activists from […]
Linda Armitage
  • 298

A Green New Deal Must Be 100 Percent Just

Excitement is building among environmentalists as Washington prepares for the arrival of new lawmakers elected by the #PeoplesWave. Led by New York Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, these insurgents promise to infuse […]
Ben Ishibashi
  • 301

If Democrats Fracture, This Will Be the Fault Line

Should Americans treat the nation's super rich as a distraction from more pressing concerns or a clear and present danger? No question may more deeply divide the opposition to Donald Trump, and the answer to that question, Gallup polling suggests, has changed significantly at the Democratic Party's ...

America Wants Health Care, Not Walls

In November’s midterm elections, no issue played a larger role in fueling the People’s Wave that elected a record number of progressives to Congress than health care. It was the […]

Eight Holiday Gifts American Workers Need

It’s that time of the year – the most wonderful time of the year, they say, the hap-happiest season of all. There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting and […]
Leo Gerard
  • 68

How This Grinch Steals Democracy

Someone forgot to tell Republicans that Holidays are about giving to others, not to themselves. We saw this last year, when they queued up to give themselves a giant tax […]
Djuan Wash
  • 349

What Teacher Walkouts Changed in Our Politics

Even before the votes from the recent midterm elections were completely counted  – a process that took nearly two weeks in many races – numerous prominent news outlets were quick […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 368

Leveling Up And Down

Massive, disruptive change is happening in the world economy. Up to half of all current workers, both white and blue collar, could be driven into unemployment by technology. Automation, artificial […]
James Mumm
  • 7

Workers Petition Congress: Protect Our Pensions

The total number of workers at risk is 1.2 million. In my union, the United Steelworkers (USW), 100,000 are threatened. Daryl A. Bugbee of Olivet, Mich., is one of them. […]
Leo Gerard
  • 158

Heartland Holds the Key to Winning in 2020

While the country was captivated on election night by insurgent campaigns led by Southerners like Andrew Gillum, Stacey Abrams, and Beto O’Rourke, people in the America’s Heartland and the Rustbelt […]

How Betsy DeVos Does the Koch Brothers’ Bidding

While the serial outrages of the Trump administration continue to make headlines, the more mundane activities of his cabinet officials and their underlings often fly under the radar. Take U.S. […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 197

Amazon’s HQ2 Is a Punch in the Gut To New Yorkers

Amazon is a massively profitable company. Its founder, Jeff Bezos, is the world’s richest man, by far –  at least $50 billion richer than every other billionaire on the planet, […]
Jason Walker
  • 383

What Is a Trumpducken?

If you’re like me, you’re doing a lot of cooking and shopping over the holidays. But there is one item that you’re just not going to find anywhere, much less […]
James Mumm
  • 119

Labor’s Challenge to the New Democrats in Congress

Labor union members and a diverse group of Democrats will take the majority in the U.S. House in January. Among their challenges is reversing the Trump administration measures that have battered workers and their families.
Leo Gerard
  • 31

Fight Like Hell for the Living on Trans Day Of Remembrance

On Trans Day of Remembrance, we honor all those we’ve lost and we carry their legacy forward. Today, we practice remembrance not only for our people but the history that is woven through each of their lives.
Alex Reeder
  • 315

Stacey Abrams Goes Deep For Democracy

Stacey Abrams is right not to concede. The Georgia Democrat, who hoped to become the state’s first Black governor, acknowledged that while she will no longer directly challenge Republican Brian […]
Tim Wilkins
  • 44

The Link Between Climate Justice and Police Brutality

Toxic environments, as evidenced by human exposure to dirty water or polluted air, are deadly for everyone. When the police shoot first and fill quotas, they are are also toxic. […]
Jacqueline Bediako
  • 249

The House Has Gone Democratic. Can It Now Go Bold?

Democrats now have a comfortable majority in the U.S. House. Can they use this to reach disenchanted non-voters? That all depends on their eagerness to think big and bold, and on their willingness to challenge the concentrated wealth and power that’s keeps things from changing.

The Best Way to Get Voters to Vote

America loves a party. So why not hold Saturday celebrations for mandated electors at American polling places? This is what happens in Australia, where turnout tops 91 percent and partygoers raise money for local schools and charities on their way to the polls.
Leo Gerard
  • 269

Is Government Of, By, and For the People Over?

“[W]e here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 63

Students Shake Up Conservative Strongholds In Midterms

Until Tuesday, all but one of Iowa’s Representatives were Republicans - all men. Now Iowa will send three Democrats to Washington - and two are women. Both were elected with the help of Student Action, in a campaign completely run by Iowa students.
Brooke Adams
  • 178

Midwest Midterms Hold Keys to Victory in 2020

Those who speculated that the Democrats’ prospects in the midterm elections would only happen if they won big in the Midwest were prescient. Indeed, it’s hard to make the argument […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 103

2018 Midterms: Blue Wave, Red Undertow

Democrats can use their new leverage in Washington to expose how big money has used the Trump administration to rig the rules in ways that hurt working people, and show ways that in key areas - education, the environment, and criminal justice - there is an alternative.
Robert Borosage
  • 299

Three Women Remind Us Why Voting Matters

In August, People’s Action held our first-ever Gender Justice Restorative Retreat. This initiative created a space for women and non-binary from all walks of life and all kinds of issue-based campaigns […]
Xoai Pham
  • 56

We Can Move Mountains When We Organize and Vote

There may be a mountain dividing Madison County from Raleigh, but these people can move mountains, and they will move mountains, to let their voices be heard.
Jesse Davis
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