Moneyball in a Deeply Unequal Age

Star baseball outfielder Mike Trout has just signed the biggest pay deal in pro sports history, and no one may be happier than America’s staggeringly overpaid CEOs.

White Nationalism, Born in the USA, Is Now a Global Threat

  The recent massacre of 50 Muslim worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand is the latest confirmation that white supremacy is a danger to democratic societies across the globe. Despite President […]
Art Jipson, Paul J. Becker
  • 97

Bring Back Eisenhower Socialism

Anytime a politician proposes a wildly popular idea that helps ordinary people, a few grumpy conservatives will call them “socialists.” Propose to reduce college debt, help sick families, or ensure […]
Chuck Collins
  • 139

To Clean Up the Planet, Clean Up Washington

For decades, majorities of Americans have favored swift, meaningful action on climate change. They understand that we must transition away from dirty fuels and toward clean, renewable energy. Yet despite […]
John Sarbanes, Michael Brune
  • 213

Expanding Supreme Court May Be Only Way to Protect Democracy

Mitch McConnell has achieved his lifelong political dream: packing the Federal Courts, and especially The Supreme Court, with right-wing extremists, who thanks to him, now hold lifetime appointments. The result: […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 275

The Big Cheat

The children of working stiffs learned a brutal lesson this week as federal prosecutors criminally charged rich people with buying admission to elite universities for their less-than-stellar children. The lesson […]
Leo Gerard
  • 165

We Will Not Rest Until Housing Justice Is Done

  On Wednesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced a historic housing bill, the American Housing and Economic Mobility Act. This bill is an important step forward in our fight to guarantee […]
Ashley Bennett
  • 315

Will the Senate Sell Our Future for Campaign Dollars?

My name is Jessica Juarez Scruggs, and I recently joined the Sunrise Movement and a courageous group of young Kentuckians who took over the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch […]
Jessica Juarez Scruggs
  • 269

A Modest Proposal: Don’t Start a Nuclear War

In a matter of minutes, as easily as sending a tweet, a sitting U.S. president could decide to launch a nuclear attack, without anyone else’s approval or authorization. In a […]
Olivia Alperstein
  • 349

Rabble Rousing for Righteous Retirement

  Standing out among the bald pates and grey hairs crowding into a Congressional hearing room on Thursday morning with “Protect our Pensions” stickers will be 26-year-old Ben Trusnik. The […]
Leo Gerard
  • 3

Electing Movement Leaders in Chicago

The wave of victories by a new generation of progressive leaders in Chicago’s Mayoral and City Council elections mark the most impressive results for movement candidates in the city since […]
Will Tanzman
  • 386

Democrats Need to Think Big for 2020

There is a dizzying array of potential presidential nominees for Democratic primary voters to choose from—so many that they won’t even fit on one debate stage. But there is one […]
Robert Borosage
  • 236

Gritty Trade Negotiations

It took grit to get this far. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer explained that to Congress last week. So, he said, no one in the administration is backing down now. […]
Leo Gerard
  • 305

Chicago Scores Major Victories for People’s Politics

Here in Chicago, our beloved City by the Lake, the People’s Wave is gaining momentum. What began in Philadelphia and New York last November continues in Chicago, as more machine […]
Mehrdad Azemun
  • 139

Rural America Needs Medicare for All Now

Rural America is facing a health care emergency – and Medicare for All is the answer. Hospitals in rural Iowa, where I live, are closing or teetering on the brink […]
Barb Kalbach
  • 381

We Gave Pharma a Blank Check, Now We’re Paying the Bill

Click here to watch pharmaceutical executives testify to the Senate Finance Committee on February 26, 2019 at 10:15 a.m. Rebecca Hovde from Wellman, Iowa, has taken medicine to treat her […]
Devin Duffy
  • 324

Broke Students Need Solutions, Not A Magic Genie

Winter can be a miserable time in New Hampshire. When it’s cold outside, all you really want to do is curl up with a warm dog on your lap. This […]
Griffin Sinclair-Wingate
  • 24

Immigrants Aren’t the Emergency

Midland, Michigan, where my husband and I are raising our two young children, is a small town surrounded by rural communities. Many of us living here have seen, generation-by-generation, that […]
Sarah Schulz
  • 165

Chicago’s Homeless Are Freezing and Dying

The polar vortex froze Chicago’s city streets with temperatures as low as minus 23 degrees. It was subzero for 52 hours straight. This was hard on everyone, but it hit […]
Jock Toles
  • 235

Standing Together on Trade With China

The trade relationship between China and America is destructive: China’s deliberate trade violations drain America’s strength. Beijing is to America what Delilah was to Samson. Chinese trade officials are in […]
Leo Gerard
  • 12

This Is How Democracy Breaks; This Is How We Fix It

This President’s Day, I stood with two hundred and fifty Idahoans on the steps of our State Capitol in Boise to protest our president’s demand to build a wall between […]
Adrienne Evans
  • 233

Bezos Confronts Pecker, But Is Still a Greedy Di*k

Jeff Bezos deserves props for standing up to blackmail by The National Enquirer’s  publisher, David Pecker, who threatened to print sexually explicit pictures and texts of the Amazon founder if he […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 346

Charters Push Public Schools to the Brink

When striking Los Angeles teachers won their demand to call for a halt to charter school expansions in California, they set off a domino effect, and now teachers in other large urban […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 391

Clean Energy Is A Human Right

Our planet is being pushed to the brink. Pollution burns our lungs and our children fall sick while those who profit from dirty energy show no signs of relenting. The […]
Ben Ishibashi
  • 31

America Is Already Socialist, And That’s a Good Thing

During Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, many of the old, white, Republican Senators and Representatives must have gotten more exercise than in weeks, jumping to their feet to […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 130

Trump Offers Cold Comfort to Immigrants

While Trump didn’t follow his dictatorial instincts in his State of the Union speech to declare an “emergency” on the U.S.-Mexico border – yet – we know what the real […]
Mehrdad Azemun
  • 100

Trump Invokes Compassion to Justify Violence

During President Trump’s State of the Union address, I was enraged by his racism, his rampant lies, his narrow self-interest and his twisted and cruel vision for our country.  None […]
Jessica Juarez Scruggs
  • 307

Get Ready for 100% Just

Since its founding, People’s Action Institute has been organizing to address the climate crisis and put people and planet first. In 2018, climate organizers came together and co-created the next […]
Leigh Friedman
  • 14
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