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El entrenamiento es como transformaremos a la sociedad

Aquí en People's Action Institute, el entrenamiento y capacitación son fundamentales - Son  la base de quienes somos. Para nosotros, es un compromiso. Sabemos que si tenemos alguna esperanza de transformar la sociedad en la que vivimos para que todos puedan no solo...
Training Is How We Transform Society

Training Is How We Transform Society

Here at People’s Action Institute, training is our foundation. These are not just nice words - this is our commitment. If we have any hope to transform society into a place where everyone finds a home and where they can survive and thrive, it’s because someone,...
Try This in a Small Town

Try This in a Small Town

"This is what is possible with good government that works for people. This is what happens when people are put closer and closer to decision-making power." - Carrie Santoro, Pennsylvania Stands Up Country singer Jason Aldean recently sparked a firestorm with his song...

¡Nuestro Avivamiento Popular Está Aqui!

¡Nuestro avivamiento popular está AQUÍ! Más de mil de ustedes vinieron de todo el país para unirse a mí en Arlington, Virginia, para nuestra convención de People’s Action de 2023. APOYE A NUESTRO TRABAJO ENGLISH Llamamos a esta convención "Volvemos a casa," y...
The Organizing Revival Is Here!

The Organizing Revival Is Here!

EN ESPANOL The Organizing Revival is HERE! More than a thousand of you came from all across the country to join me in Arlington, Virginia for our 2023 People’s Action convention. We called this convention “Coming Home,” and it truly was a homecoming: a time to meet...

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