About OurFuture.org

About OurFuture.org

OurFuture.org, a project of People’s Action, offers news, analysis and commentary on the critical economic and social justice issues of our time, in order to promote a vision of an economy and democracy that works for all people and protects our planet.

We put the daily political battles in the context of the larger war of ideas against a right-wing ideology that buttresses extreme wealth inequality, institutional racism, gender inequity, and corporate behavior that puts profit over people and the planet. We also share the stories of grassroots activists who are working to make a difference where they live, information about campaigns that you should support, and alerts about legislation in Washington and the states that either advance or threaten our progress toward a more just society. Plus, we offer a space where progressive thinkers and doers offer their most compelling ideas for shaping our future. This is all designed to inform and energize a bold, people-powered transformation of the world we live in.

OurFuture.org was formerly the homepage of the Campaign for America’s Future and the Institute for America’s Future. In September 2016 the Campaign for America’s Future announced that was combining its operations with People’s Action. Campaign for America’s Future continues to operate independently at https://campaignforamericasfuture.org.

About People’s Action

People’s Action and People’s Action Institute were founded in 2016 to ignite a movement of millions that captures the rising demand for change in our society. People’s Action brings together four organizations with strong histories of fighting for everyday people – Alliance for a Just Society, Campaign for America’s Future, National People’s Action and USAction. This organization, with state and local affiliates covering more than half the country and growing, is working to organize millions of people around a bold agenda for rebuilding our economy and creating a democracy for all of us.