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Today Is Election Day


Today's general elections are  a turning point for our nation. All who care about solidarity, putting people and planet first, can end the agenda of division and hate.

Over the past eight months, People's Action and OurFuture have brought you stories from all across the country about people's champions who are courageously standing up to lead this movement as activists and candidates. Here are some of our favorites. Now vote!

Paulette Jordan: Providing a Chance for a Better Way of Life

Jess King: We Can Build an America That Works for All of Us

Angela Conley: Now Is The Time For Women Of Color To Win

Jeff Smith: Riding Backroads for Change in Rural Wisconsin

Nick Schutt: Standing Up For Family Farmers In Central Iowa

Joe Mangino: Organizing for Hope on the Jersey Shore

Leigh Friedman: A People’s Wave’s A-Comin’

Elianne Farhat: Keith Ellison for Minnesota Attorney General

Alex Garcia: LUCHA Fights To Win For David García And All Arizonans

Dan Doubet: There’s No Political Machine That Can’t Be Beat

Keith Sellars: We Won’t Let Them Take Away Our Right To Vote

Kaleb Van Fosson: Why I Challenged Steve King on His White Supremacy

Javier Adames: For Vets, The Dignity Of The Nation Is At Stake Right Now

Laurel Wales: Rising from the Grassroots to Win in November

Michaela Lovegood: What Will You Remember When You Vote?

Jessica Juarez Scruggs: We Speak, We Remember, We Will Win

Richard Eskow: How To Cover A Revolution

Robert Borosage: A New Roadmap for Getting Change Done

Robert Borosage: How to Win Elections from the Ground Up

Jeff Bryant: Rising Teachers Put Education On The Ballot In Fall Elections

Jeff Bryant: Education Wave That Began in West Virginia Sweeps Nation

Jesse Davis: In North Carolina, We Move Mountains When We Vote

Amanda McIllmurray & Kelly Morton: How Bold Women Are Transforming Pennsylvania Politics

Amy Halsted: Power In Maine Begins At Home

Larry Stafford: Go Bold, Ben: A Progressive Earthquake Shakes Maryland

Robert Kraig: Progressives Win Big in Wisconsin Primary

Erik Shelley: Pohutsky’s Win Gives Voice To Michigan’s Real Voters

Andy Spears: Move Tennessee And Our Nation Forward In Hope

Adrienne Evans: There’s Nothing More Powerful Than People Taking Back Democracy in Idaho

Isaac Grimm: Turning New Hampshire From Red to Blue

Charlie Albanetti: Major Power Shake-Up As NY Ousts Establishment Dems

Hugh Espey: Making Movement Politics Real in Iowa and Beyond

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