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MORNING MESSAGE Alyssa Aguilera, Jeremy Saunders Our Fight For Freedom Is Far From Over New York’s City Council has voted to allow the construction of four new jails as part of a plan to close Rikers Island, where thousands of New Yorkers are jailed. The vast majority...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Isaac Grimm Shining A Light On New Hampshire’s Housing Crisis Spotlights hit New Hampshire every four years, when presidential candidates roll into town. For months, we trip over them everywhere – at diners, supermarkets, town halls, and on small-town...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Joy Blackwood Is Speaking Up For Medicare For All A Crime? As a longtime D.C.-area advocate, I’ve visited Capitol Hill and Members of Congress many times. But never before have I felt I might face arrest for exercising my constitutional rights! On...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE James Mumm Shutting Things Down To Open Things Up Have you heard about the life-affirming, healing power of direct action? You might need it. You may think direct action — the kind of protest that directly confronts power and shifts it from the hands...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Tom Conway American Democracy is Not A Charity Case America’s very democracy is dying because billionaires amass ever more wealth—and thus ever more political power—while everyone else struggles with less. Less money. But, just as importantly, less...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Judith LeBlanc Tribal Sovereignty And The Struggle For Democracy In 2020 In Indian Country, we are concerned about the future. From an indigenous point of view, we link our ancestors and the past with the future by how we walk in the present, how we...

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