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Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Ai-jen Poo Ask 2020 Candidates To Support Universal Family Care This Saturday at the People’s Presidential Forum, hosted by Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund and People’s Action, I’ll be joining Lou Ann Burkle — a Des Moines...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Linda Armitage What A Homes Guarantee Means To Me I lost everything during the financial crisis. The government decided that the perpetrators of the crisis were “too big to fail” and bailed them out with our money. I was not bailed out. Today, a decade...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Barb Kalbach Medicare For All Is A Matter Of Life Or Death For Rural America Rural hospitals are often the economic heart of a community. Worse, when minutes mean the difference between life and death, every hospital that closes leaves patients in...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE The Iowa People’s Presidential Forum Will Be A No-Stump Zone It’s time. After months of preparation, the Iowa People’s Presidential Forum will be this Saturday, September, 21, at noon in Des Moines. At Iowa CCI Action, we’re ready – buses from all...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Sam Pizzigati Wealth That Concentrates Kills The weight of the wealth that sits at the top of America’s economic order isn’t just squeezing dollars out of the wallets of average Americans. That concentrated wealth is shearing years off of American...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Miles Mogulescu Can Debate Moderators Stop Parroting GOP Talking Points? At the first two Democratic debates, the moderators from NBC/MSNBC and CNN based their questions about health care on Republican and corporate talking points. They acted as if the...

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