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Reparations Are A Step In The Right Direction

Today is Juneteenth, the day we celebrate - and as a nation, we must celebrate - the emancipation of African-Americans enslaved by the white colonists of North America and their descendants. I am one of those white people who know we must do better. It’s also the day...

There’s No Turning Back New York’s Wave Of Justice

A blue wave surged across New York State last November, as voters went to the ballot box to demand true progressives represent them in Albany. This unprecedented voter turnout helped create an undeniable Democratic majority in our state legislature for the first time...

Whose Lives Matter? Our Lives Matter

Twenty years ago, I was a director of youth programs for a subsidiary organization of the Chicago Housing Authority. I ran an afterschool, GED and job training programs for Black youth living in the city’s public housing.   In the three years that I ran these...

Solidarity Against Hate

The union I lead, the United Steelworkers (USW), believes in unity, that “all working men and women, regardless of creed, color or nationality” are eligible for membership. That was the guiding principle of the Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC) when it formed...

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