We Must Filibuster Gorsuch’s Federalist Society Agenda

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch shows every sign he supports the Federalist Society's pro-corporate, far-right agenda. Democratic senators must filibuster his nomination, or face primary challenges in their home states.
Miles Mogulescu
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The Resistance and the Democratic Party

Resistance to Donald Trump needs an outside/inside strategy. Its strength comes from the streets. But it must also work to transform the Democratic Party into a people’s party, and not one beholden to the corporate donor class.
Miles Mogulescu
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What Did Trump Know About Flynn and When Did He Know It?

If Michael T. Flynn informed Trump about his multiple conversations with the Russian ambassador about rolling back Obama’s sanctions to punish Russia for interfering in the U.S. presidential election, it’s an impeachable offense. For Trump.
Miles Mogulescu
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From March To Movement

Now comes the hard part—transforming the extraordinary energy of the Womens March into an organized movement that can show up not just on one day, but day after day, and achieve real political power.
Miles Mogulescu
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Three Reasons John Lewis is Right That Trump Is Illegitimate

Donald Trump is not only morally an illegitimate President, but actually an illegitimate President who would not have won, but for (1) voter suppression, (2) Comey’s letter, and (3) Russian intervention aimed at helping Trump.
Miles Mogulescu
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Resisting the Trumpublican Shock Doctrine Blitzkrieg

Trumpublicans are intent on manipulating the shock of Donald Trump's victory to roll back much of the New Deal and Great Society. It’s incumbent upon everyone who cares about democracy and the common good to fight back.
Miles Mogulescu
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Don’t Underestimate The Damage Stephen Bannon Can Do

Steve Bannon is racist, misogynist and whip smart. With the authority of the Federal government, Bannon will be able to carry out witch hunts against perceived political enemies and to empower the most hateful elements in society.
Miles Mogulescu
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Resist! Reorganize! Revitalize!

Donald Trump is the legally elected president-elect. But he needs to be resisted from day one with all the tools of an aroused democratic citizenry. He is not entitled to a honeymoon.
Miles Mogulescu
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Time for Hillary to Pivot to Full Metal Progressive Policy

Clinton can win ugly by playing Pre-Vent defense and relying on Trump’s self-destruction. Or she can use the remaining three weeks of the campaign to go full metal progressive policy and lay out a positive populist governing agenda.
Miles Mogulescu
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Clinton Needs to Inspire the Base, Not Just Reassure Moderates

Clinton may have reassured undecided moderates that Trump is dangerous and she’s the safer choice. But she didn't do enough to energize the base to turn out for her in large enough numbers to insure victory.
Miles Mogulescu
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Sanders/Warren Wing Needs to Demand Seats on Clinton Transition Team

Based on Hillary Clinton's transition team appointments, the progressive base has good cause to worry that her administration would be stacked with Washington/Wall Street insiders. The Sanders/Warren wing must insist on representation.
Miles Mogulescu
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Republicans Leaders Who Don’t Unendorse Trump Face Disgrace

After Trump's litany of irresponsible statements, including questioning the legitimacy of the election and considering using nuclear weapons, if Republican leaders don't unendorse Trump, their names will go down in infamy.
Miles Mogulescu
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Imagine Waking Up On November 9 to President Trump

You're not a fan of Hillary Clinton. But you wake up on November 9 to a Trump presidency. Would you feel happy that Hillary had gotten her comeuppance and the revolution is closer? Or would you be sick to your stomach?
Miles Mogulescu
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A Clinton Campaign In Big Trouble Must Make An Audacious Choice

Democrats who chose Hillary Clinton because she was more electable may have picked the least electable Democrat and placed the country in danger of a proto-fascist President Trump. To recover, Clinton needs audaciousness, not caution.
Miles Mogulescu
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