The Trump Infrastructure Plan Won’t Bridge the Nation’s Job Gap

A new People's Action Institute report on the nation's "job gap" explains why if the goals are good jobs, boosting communities left behind by the economic recovery and slowing climate change, the Trump infrastructure plan is wrong.
Isaiah J. Poole

The Real Living Wage? $17.28 An Hour – At Least

For people paying off student debt, the minimum living wage nationally is close to $19 an hour, according to a report released Tuesday by People's Action Institute. No state is close, which is why so many families are struggling.

Despite Some Good Economic News, The Status Quo Is Not Enough

Should Democrats present themselves as fighters for a transformative economic vision, or as skilled managers restoring and maintaining the status quo of the last several decades? The question came up again last week.
Richard Eskow

Minimum Wage Increases On the Ballot In Four States

This election isn’t just about whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be president. Ballot initiatives will give voters the chance to raise the minimum wage for workers in four states.
Terrance Heath

CEO Pay as a Menace to Our Health

The world’s first great analyst of management urged us to limit the gap between CEO and worker pay. We didn’t listen. How many more life-threatening scandals like EpiPen must we have before we do?

New Rules Needed to Solve Steel Crisis

America has always been innovative. Now it must innovate on trade rules to save its steel industry, its steel jobs and all those jobs that are dependent on steel jobs.
Leo Gerard

How Much Will the War On Unions Cost You This Labor Day?

The decline in union membership has probably cost you, or someone close to you, thousands of dollars in income since last Labor Day – not because of some immutable law, but because of a cultural and political war.
Richard Eskow

Workers of the Future, Unite

Automation will undoubtedly transform society in the future. But that's no reason to ignore the problems we're facing right now. The best way to ensure a more equitable economy tomorrow is by fighting for one today.
Richard Eskow

The Economic Debate and the Failed Consensus

A policy debate almost broke out in the presidential election when the two candidates traveled to Michigan to lay out contrasting economic agendas. What became clear is that the old establishment consensus will not hold.
Robert Borosage

The Fiscal Myth That’s Killing The Economy, In 7 Steps

This week, yet another paper reinforces our need for more government spending, not less, to repair the economy for millions of working Americans. Unfortunately, our political debate is being held back by an economic myth.
Richard Eskow

Working Class White Guys Against Trump

A huge number of high school educated white men don’t go to Trump rallies. They aren’t flag waving bigots. These are guys who only carry guns when hunting. They’re angry, all right. They’re angry at being associated with Donald Trump.
Leo Gerard

The American Dream Moved to Canada

We're witnessing accelerating advantages for the affluent and compounding disadvantages for everyone else.
Chuck Collins

Jobs Report: Change Still Needed

A reported 287,000 new jobs were created in June, erasing concerns that the economy might be cratering. But the cheery jobs figures can't mask the continuing need for change to make this economy work for working people.
Robert Borosage

Billionaire Trump Claims Steelworker Status

Trump, who brags, “I am really rich,” wants to climb out of his luxury sky box and sit in the nosebleed seats with hardworking Rust-Belters who sweat over mortgage payments. It’s a joke. It’s a British royalist claiming to be a colonist.
Leo Gerard

A Sad And Shameful Day For Puerto Rico

Financial legislation passed by Congress solidifies what one Puerto Rican leader calls an "experiment in extreme capitalism" – one that is already having extreme consequences on the people who live on the island.
Isaiah J. Poole

‘Good Jobs’ Clause Is Good News In The Democratic Platform

The draft Democratic Party platform calls for what's often referred to as a "good jobs executive order" that would require federal contractors to provide a "living wage, good benefits, and the opportunity to form a union."
Isaiah J. Poole

Donald “You’re Fired!” Trump Kills Jobs

The name Donald Trump is synonymous with the words “You’re fired!” He made money by brutally, publicly taking people’s jobs from them. And he clearly enjoyed it. Donald Trump is no jobs candidate.
Leo Gerard

Billionaire Trump Fleeces Workers, Small Businesses

When Americans elect a president, they want a leader who will look out for the little guy. Exploiting the little guy – and everybody else – to make a buck for himself is Donald Trump’s M.O. That’s not presidential.
Leo Gerard

Nonprofits Rallying Behind New Overtime Rule

More than 150 of the nation's leading nonprofit and advocacy organizations have endorsed a new Department of Labor rule that would give lower-wage workers the overtime they deserve for working more than 40 hours a week.
Isaiah J. Poole

The Fight for $15 Takes On D.C. and the Democratic Platform

Members of the Democratic Party platform committee were greeted by dozens of low-wage workers challenging them to support "$15 and a union" – on the heels of a victory that showed how people power has changed the game.
Isaiah J. Poole
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