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Reaching Critical Mass On Taxing The Rich

Reaching Critical Mass On Taxing The Rich

Serious societal change typically only takes place when the pressure for change hits “critical mass.” At one level, we’ve had critical mass for years now on seriously taxing America’s rich. Polls regularly show broad public support for having our wealthiest pay quite...
A ‘Buyback’ for Our Future?

A ‘Buyback’ for Our Future?

People who are trying to do good — with a Green New Deal, for instance, or Medicare for All — regularly find themselves confronting a simple and sometimes sneering gotcha question: So where’s the money coming from? How about we start putting this same simple question...

Moneyball in a Deeply Unequal Age

Since 1871, over 19,000 athletes have played baseball at the major league level. Not one of them has played the game any better, most experts today agree, than the 27-year-old outfielder Mike Trout. Trout’s other-worldly talent now has a price-tag. Trout has just...

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