Republicans Leaders Who Don’t Unendorse Trump Face Disgrace

After Trump's litany of irresponsible statements, including questioning the legitimacy of the election and considering using nuclear weapons, if Republican leaders don't unendorse Trump, their names will go down in infamy.
Miles Mogulescu

Imagine Waking Up On November 9 to President Trump

You're not a fan of Hillary Clinton. But you wake up on November 9 to a Trump presidency. Would you feel happy that Hillary had gotten her comeuppance and the revolution is closer? Or would you be sick to your stomach?
Miles Mogulescu

A Clinton Campaign In Big Trouble Must Make An Audacious Choice

Democrats who chose Hillary Clinton because she was more electable may have picked the least electable Democrat and placed the country in danger of a proto-fascist President Trump. To recover, Clinton needs audaciousness, not caution.
Miles Mogulescu
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