Parental Advice To Education Policy Makers

Current education policies are misaligned with parenting and the role it plays in child development, achievement and school governance. Policies have forgotten the parenting part of schools. We need to get it back.
Jeff Bryant
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Are Teacher Evaluations Education ‘Reform’s’ Biggest Bust?

This week, a key underpinning to the whole teacher evaluation program pushed by the Obama administration was cast into doubt. These new schemes are doing great harm to teachers and, consequentially, the students in their charge.
Jeff Bryant
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Test Season Reveals America’s Biggest Failures

It’s testing season in America, and despite of how students do, it’s clear who is already flunking the exams: Major media outlets and an entrenched education regime that’s prevailed in policy making for over 30 years.
Jeff Bryant
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A ‘Fair Shot’ Agenda For Education

Democrats left K-12 education out of its "Fair Shot" agenda. But if they want a fair shot at economic success for all workers, Democrats need to press for a fair shot at education for all students.
Jeff Bryant
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How Education ‘Reform’ Perpetuates Racial Disparity

The media noticed new data showing that a child’s education destiny is strongly determined by race. But few people bothered to ask how and why overt racial disparity came about – and what to do to change it.
Jeff Bryant
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Extremists In The Education Debate

New extremists in the education debate represent a mindset unwilling to fight things out on a democratic playing field, no matter how unlevel. Instead, they aim to eliminate the playing field altogether
Jeff Bryant
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Mayor De Blasio Is Right About Charter Schools

This is what the debate about education policy – and charter schools – so often comes to: So much sturm und drang about a favored trinket from the "education reform" tool box while matters of more importance get neglected or abused.
Jeff Bryant
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The Education Spring’s ‘Year Of Action’ Revs Up

The 'new populism that is defining the economic debate in 2014 is also firing a new movement to reject failed education policy. This movement has developed substantial new organizational capacity and a much more powerful voice.
Jeff Bryant
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When Being ‘For The Kids’ Really Isn’t

Instead of addressing root causes of poverty that affect academic performance, students and teachers are required to take on evermore-stringent "no excuses" academic requirements. Is this education reform, or abuse?
Jeff Bryant
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False Compromises In The Education Debate

Political disputes are supposed to be resolvable only when parties "meet in the middle" and agree. But with the issue of "education reform," only one of the disputing parties in the debate tends to be implored to seek compromise.
Jeff Bryant
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Show Us The Money For Pre-K

Congress needs to take an important step toward intervening with something that really would help our neediest children – early childhood education programs.
Jeff Bryant
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What Could Be Wrong With ‘School Choice’?

All the parental choice in the world is useless without the guarantee to the availability of good schools everywhere for all students. Until leaders start fighting for that, proclamations for "school choice" will ring hollow.
Jeff Bryant
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An End To Sanction-Driven Education?

The Obama administration's new discipline guidelines could help end punitive policies that feed "the school-to-prison pipeline." Now, the next education policy shift needs to end punitive assessments.
Jeff Bryant
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After A Pivotal Year For Education, What’s Next

2013 was a pivotal year for the nation's education policy. Just as in the economic arena, anger over inequity and unfairness has stirred the masses into action and sent a clear warning sign to political leaders for 2014.
Jeff Bryant
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Test Score Driven Education Ignores Students

In 2013, advocates for education "reform" doubled-down on the idea that test scores and rankings should drive policy. But this approach ignores the real needs of students. 2014, an election year, is an opportunity to change that approach
Jeff Bryant
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Support Efforts To Rein In For-Profit Colleges

The good news coming from the U.S. Department of Education is the effort to toughen restrictions on for-profit scam colleges that rip off students, families and taxpayers. Democratic lawmakers need to get behind the effort.
Jeff Bryant
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Day Of Action Reveals Anger With Education Policies

A Day of Action to Reclaim Public Education held on Dec. 9 in over 100 sites took on many forms, but there were common grievances. The range of locations and number of participants are testament to the breadth and depth of complaints.
Jeff Bryant
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Change The Way We Ensure Quality Teachers For Poor Kids

The idea of getting successful teachers to work in schools that poor kids attend is not without merit. An important new document lays out a view of how to achieve a equitable distribution of good teachers.
Jeff Bryant
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Day Of Action To Reclaim Public Education

Local schools are being ground into pieces by twin political augers of government austerity and top-down, corporate-backed 'reform.' Opposition to this status quo has announced a December 9th National Day of Action to Reclaim Public Education...
Jeff Bryant
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Can Centrists Leave Their Comfort Zone To Expand Pre-K?

Conservatives will continue to fight any effort to muster more federal support of preschool education. The only good way forward is for leaders to act on the courage of their convictions, not demands for compromises.
Jeff Bryant
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What Chris Christie Is Hiding Behind His Rage At School Teachers

The real ugly truth behind New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s bluster is that schools throughout his state, especially in communities of low-income and minority schools, are descending into severely worse conditions.
Jeff Bryant
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The Education Reform Conversation We Need vs. The One We Have

This past week, two videos captured just about everything you need to know about the status of "education reform." They offer a clarifying "aha moment" about a conversation America ought to be having but isn't.
Jeff Bryant
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Michelle Rhee’s Empty Harvest

Michelle Rhee has exemplified the education reform creed of a 'produce or else' mentality relying on student test scores. But new assessment systems have yet to fill the account left barren by the nation’s reluctance to invest in our children.
Jeff Bryant
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Is Education ‘Reform’ Wrecking The Common Core?

Whether you’re a big fan of new standards or not, it should be clear that the old way of doing 'education reform' will not work for the Common Core. Yet that seems to be the strategy rolling out...
Jeff Bryant
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Coalition For Real Education Reform Emerges

As the country pivots from the failures of No Child Left Behind, a new coalition of labor and community has formed to press for real education reform based on values that made public education an enduring American institution to begin with.
Jeff Bryant
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How Test Obsession Is Killing Education

We're dangerously mired in squabbling about what "the data" reveal about the quality of American schooling, even as teachers go begging for the very pencils students need to fill out the oh-so-critically-important tests.
Jeff Bryant
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America’s ‘Education Spring’ Goes Mainstream

With a new school year in session, there is widespread evidence that America's Education Spring is affecting voters at the ballot box, lawmakers in state capitals, and policy administrators carrying out new directives.
Jeff Bryant
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Don’t Buy Conservative Ideas Sold With Civil Rights Rhetoric

Conservatives are appropriating the language of the civil rights movement to accomplish a goal that has nothing to do with rescuing poor African-American students from low-quality education. Too many on the left aren't following along.
Jeff Bryant
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Charter Schools For Scandals

Hardly a week goes by without news of a scandal or a study tarnishing the image of charter schools. These schools need way more scrutiny and, yes, government regulation. But the charter school myth is hard to crack.
Jeff Bryant
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Tests Reveal What’s Rotten About Common Core

Regardless of what you think about the new Common Core State Standards and their ability to assess what students "really need," there's little doubt that students who took recent tests based on the standards were set up to fail.
Jeff Bryant
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Bennett-gate And The Politics Of Grading Schools

Last week’s midair disintegration of a high-flying apparatchik in the movement known as education “reform” is still making headlines in local press and the national media. Tony Bennett was a […]
Jeff Bryant
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What Parents Want For Education Policy

A mantra recited by those who pride themselves as adherents to a movement known as “education reform” is that for too long policies governing public schools have favored “the adults” […]
Jeff Bryant
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