Does Betsy DeVos Care About Racial Equity? We Still Don’t Know.

It's not surprising someone who has never been a teacher, never run a school, never served as a public official official overseeing education, and never been engaged in scholarly work on education is not well versed in education policy.
Jeff Bryant
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Will Betsy DeVos Restart The ‘Education Wars’?

Trump's nominating Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education risks “reigniting the education wars,” says teachers union leader Randi Weingarten. Indeed, Democrats in Congress are showing an uncharacteristically unified front in opposing her
Jeff Bryant
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Democrats Who Oppose Betsy DeVos Have Nothing To Lose

From a political standpoint, the education reform agenda has been bipartisan because it had to be. Republicans needed Democrats in their inside game to help push ideas for privatization through government channels. Now, that's changed.
Jeff Bryant
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The Carolina Coup and the Fight for Public Education

The naked power grab by Republicans in North Carolina has shocked the nation. But few people understand that a struggle over public education is at the center of the fight against an authoritarian government in the era of Donald Trump
Jeff Bryant
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Girding For The Education Fight Ahead

To get an idea of what kind of education policies to expect under Trump, look at Wall St, where the stock price of K12 Inc., the country’s largest operator of online charters, has reached an all time high
Jeff Bryant
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Principles To Guide The Vetting Of Betsy DeVos

As the vetting of Betsy DeVos goes forward, policy leaders should look beyond "facile" comparisons of how charter schools compare to public schools and consider the impact of school choice on all students and the whole education system
Jeff Bryant
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Education Advocacy in the Time of Trump

"People need to be in the streets," was the consensus among panelists at a recent event addressing Trump's election win from an education justice perspective. A constant refrain was to "capture the energy of young people."
Jeff Bryant
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What Student Protests Tell Us About America Under Trump

In this new era under a Trump regime, student protests are telling us something is very wrong. They're telling us it's time for bold stands, not wait-and-see equivocations, in the face of rising hatred. We should listen to them.
Jeff Bryant
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Education Victories Democrats Can Rally Around

Democrats are having a hard time finding any bright spots in Tuesday's defeat. But communities that voted against the private takeover of their public schools showed progressive Democrats how to take back control of their party.
Jeff Bryant
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Five Truths About Charter Schools

Major national newspapers published editorials criticizing the NAACP's call for a moratorium on charter schools. These editorials have got it wrong. Here’s what everyone needs to know about charter schools
Jeff Bryant
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What Obama Never Got About Education

The legacy of the Obama administration on education will be mostly that he generally didn't get it. Indeed the very place he recently chose to tout his work on graduation rates indicates how little his administration understands the issues
Jeff Bryant
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What New Challenges To The Charter School Industry Reveal

The charter industry finds it faces formidable new challenges from many unexpected corners. A new omnibus report explains how charters were able to fly under the radar for so long and why challenges to these schools are arising now.
Jeff Bryant
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Why It Takes Local Activists to End a School-to-Prison Pipeline

Civil rights groups and policy statements from government officials have called for an end to the school-to-prison pipeline. But nothing will likely change for students until parents, educators and activists push at the local level
Jeff Bryant
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Elizabeth Warren Clarifies The Charter Schools Debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren threw the supposedly progressive framing of charter schools into doubt with her opposition to a ballot initiative to expand them in her state. Warren has good cause to oppose more charters.
Jeff Bryant
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The Racism of School Closures

The rush to close more schools and embrace school closings is a perverse approach to "school improvement," with the hugely negative effects on students and communities.
Jeff Bryant
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How Populism Is Rewriting The Charter School Narrative

Two recent events showcase exactly how the populist fervor in the nation is redrawing the education policy landscape, and more specifically, rewriting the story of the roll out of charter schools in our communities.
Jeff Bryant
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What’s Taking Little Rock Back To Its Segregated Past?

Progress on racial integration achieved during the civil rights period has gradually eroded. But in places like Little Rock, Ark., where progress started in 1957, the conflict continues; only the actors have changed.
Jeff Bryant
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Rally for Education Justice – Are We Winning?

800 advocates for “the people’s education” gathered at the Lincoln Memorial last week, where speakers who included Diane Ravitch and Rev. William Barber placed the fight to save public schools in the context of social justice advocacy.
Jeff Bryant
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Are Public Schools And Private Equity A Bad Mix?

Cities and towns are required to offer citizens a free education. That doesn’t mean that schools aren’t fair game for privatization. Detroit’s system incentivized a predatory sector to move into the city to get a good return on investment.
Jeff Bryant
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Getting The ‘Customer Model’ Out Of Education

We're told schools need to be in step with the needs of businesses, and that education is "an investment" that gets a "return." The language of education policy is saturated in business values. But the truth is most businesses fail.
Jeff Bryant
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