Beware Back-to-School Stories Celebrating Online Education

This Back-to-School season is filled with feel-good news stories about students attending internet-based schools. What the news outlets don't tell you is that these schools mostly get terrible results and often rip off taxpayers.
Jeff Bryant
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The Sad Story of Public Education in St. Louis

Betsy DeVos says conversations about education should be about "buildings and systems." But the once grand, now crumbling schools St. Louis built for its children remind us the permanency of schools as institutions is important.
Jeff Bryant
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Like Her Boss, Betsy DeVos Makes a Disaster All About Herself

While Trump's boasts about crowd size in Houston struck some as self-centered, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos struck a similar tone in Florida against a backdrop of the slow-motion catastrophe striking the state's public schools.
Jeff Bryant
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Wanted: Strong Candidates Who Believe in Public Schools

Many political leaders would rather impose ideological "solutions" from the bag of mirrors known as "choice" – or more accurately "privatization" – than provide the resources we know it takes to ensure high-quality schools.
Jeff Bryant
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What Happened To All The Teachers?

There's mounting evidence of widespread teacher shortages. Lousy pay is a problem for sure. But the lack of teachers isn't just an economic problem. It's also cultural. And loudmouth politicians who denigrate teachers aren't helping.
Jeff Bryant
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Why Charter Schools Are Losing Support from Democrats

Progressive candidates and office holders have had little to say about school vouchers and charter schools. They'll need to wise up soon, as these policies are rapidly being defined by an emboldened grassroots as not at all progressive.
Jeff Bryant
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What To Make Of The Democrats’ Growing Divide On Education

As Donald Trump unites Democrats on civil rights, healthcare, and immigration, his views on education policy are dividing the party. Democrats in denial of this are only going to make the party’s already marginalized status worse.
Jeff Bryant
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Betsy DeVos’s ‘School Choice’ Is Really Crony Capitalism

Betsy DeVos says she supports "great public schools," but her actions show her hypocrisy. She undermines public options, yet favors schools owned by her friends. What she really wants is to tilt the playing field toward private ownership.
Jeff Bryant
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Problems Posed By School Choice Can’t Be Ignored

Enraged school choice advocates denying fact-based criticism from Randi Weingarten and the NAACP can't continue to ignore the sordid past of their cause and the problems posed by charter schools and vouchers today.
Jeff Bryant
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A Southern California District Resists Bad Education Policy

Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos say public schools are a failed idea and we need other options. But a school district in Southern California is showing that given sufficient resources and supports, public schools can get the job done.
Jeff Bryant
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Why Teachers Don’t Trust Betsy DeVos, And Neither Should You

"There is no reason to trust this woman," is what NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia says about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons not to trust her, based on her dark-money past and her current behavior.
Jeff Bryant
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Why Democrats Should Unite On A Charter School Moratorium

The NEA and NAACP want a moratorium on new charters that aren't subject to democratic governance and aren't supportive of the common good in local communities. Now Democratic leaders to join this call.
Jeff Bryant
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Trump Is Vulnerable On Education. Do Democrats Care?

After a string of special election defeats, Democrats are retooling their messages about the economy and healthcare. They should update their message on education, too; there's evidence voters would welcome a change.
Jeff Bryant
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Charter Schools Do Bad Stuff Because They Can

Local news reports from all across the country drip, drip a constant stream of stories of charter schools doing bad stuff that our tax dollars fund. Why do both Democrats and Republicans still fetishize them?
Jeff Bryant
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DeVos Education Hires Bode Ill For Students’ Rights

Based on some of her recent hires for the Department of Education, Secretary Betsy DeVos seems intent to ignore students' rights, including protections for LGBT students, women, and the disabled.
Jeff Bryant
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Our School Funding Crisis Has a Cause: Bad Leadership

Research shows there is a direct correlation between what we spend on schools and how well our students perform. But our elected leaders continue to slash taxes instead, and redirect more funds to unfounded experiments like charter schools.
Jeff Bryant
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Fed Up with a Budget Crisis, Illinois Citizens Take to the Streets

Joe Padilla and Egle Malinauskaite are part of a group marching 200 miles from Chicago to the Illinois State Legislature in Springfield. They hope to break a logjam that has kept Illinois without a state budget for more than two years.
Jeff Bryant
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Trump Cuts Student Aid to Feed School Privatization

The Trump administration plans to cut programs for low-income school kids and college students to stoke the coffers of privately-operated schools and private lenders who profit from college debts.
Jeff Bryant
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What Is the Purpose of School Choice?

Proponents of school choice claim it's not about results. Choice is for choice's sake, they say. But choices parents make about their children's education don’t just affect their children; they affect us all.
Jeff Bryant
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The Democrats’ Dilemma On Charter Schools

Trump and DeVos have put Democratic charter school advocates in a bind. Dems are trying to differentiate themselves with misleading claims about how the charter industry works, as in David Leonhardt's recent New York Times op-ed.
Jeff Bryant
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Early Signs Betsy DeVos Will Not Support Civil Rights

So far, Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has sent numerous signs she is assembling a staff and laying down a policy mindset that seems indifferent – if not outright averse – to the needs of nonwhite students.
Jeff Bryant
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During Resistance Recess, Join The Fight For Public Schools

Resistance Recess is an opportunity for you to sound the alarm about what is happening to public education. A new communications tool has all the talking points and in-depth research you need to advocate for public schools.
Jeff Bryant
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The Schools Betsy DeVos Wants Parents To Choose

Betsy DeVos tells parents they would do better by sending their kids to privately-run schools. But what types of schools would she prefer? Based on the religious and rapper-run schools DeVos visits, the possibilities are frightening.
Jeff Bryant
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Gorsuch’s Approval Would Put Vulnerable Students At Risk

Neil Gorsuch's court opinions reveal a pattern of antipathy toward students with disabilities. We must oppose his approval to the Supreme Court, as it would cement neglect for the vulnerable in legal precedent for generations to come.
Jeff Bryant
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The Big Lie Behind Trump’s Education Budget

The anger public school advocates have for Trump's proposed education budget cuts is well-deserved. But the target for their anger should not be just the extent of the cuts but also how the cuts are being pitched to the public.
Jeff Bryant
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What DeVos Means When She Says ‘Public Schools’

DeVos has called public schools a “dead end,” but now as Secretary of Education, she’s all for them. Or so she says. But it's likely what DeVos means by "public schools" is different from what you and I think.
Jeff Bryant
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Yes, Schools Can Improve; Here’s How

Both sides in the current education debate assume real progress can't come from schools themselves, but must be imposed by outside folks who aren't professional educators. What if that assumption is wrong?
Jeff Bryant
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