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Charters Push Public Schools to the Brink

Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue/flickr/cc When striking Los Angeles teachers won their demand to call for a halt to charter school expansions in California, they set off a domino effect, and now teachers in other large urban districts are making the same...

Teacher Strikes Shift Politics of Charter School Agenda

Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue/flickr/cc The emergence of charter schools as an important consideration in teacher collective bargaining agreements, and the recognition of charters as a form of privatization, are two major developments in the education policy and...

What Teacher Walkouts Changed in Our Politics

Even before the votes from the recent midterm elections were completely counted  – a process that took nearly two weeks in many races – numerous prominent news outlets were quick to report on the supposed failure of the “education wave,” those school...

How Betsy DeVos Does the Koch Brothers’ Bidding

While the serial outrages of the Trump administration continue to make headlines, the more mundane activities of his cabinet officials and their underlings often fly under the radar. Take U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, for instance, whose nomination drew a...

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