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Betsy DeVos Throws Favors to For-Profit Schools

The Democratic party has vowed to brand Republicans as the party of corruption in political campaigns for the upcoming midterm elections in November. Given the slew of scandal-ridden people that surround President Trump and the alleged crimes committed by...

It’s Back-To-Underfunding, Charter-Scandal School Time

Some of the most memorable education news stories from the 2017-18 school year were the photos spreading online virally showing Baltimore school children bundled up against the cold in unheated classrooms, the enormous outpourings of teachers walking out of schools...

WI Governor’s Race Puts Education in the Spotlight

Tony Evers leads in polls among the slew of Democratic candidates vying to take on Scott Walker to become Wisconsin’s next governor. But is he pro-public school enough to win? U.S. Air Force/Kathleen D. Bryant Support for public education and public school...

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