The Real Living Wage? $17.28 An Hour – At Least

For people paying off student debt, the minimum living wage nationally is close to $19 an hour, according to a report released Tuesday by People's Action Institute. No state is close, which is why so many families are struggling.

In the Spirit of the GI Bill, Cancel All Student Debt

A Student Debt Jubilee will right an injustice and affirm our core values. It is time to liberate 43 million Americans – along with their families, communities, and nation – from the crushing burden of student debt.
Mary Green Swig | Steven L. Swig | Richard Eskow
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Elizabeth Warren Clarifies The Charter Schools Debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren threw the supposedly progressive framing of charter schools into doubt with her opposition to a ballot initiative to expand them in her state. Warren has good cause to oppose more charters.
Jeff Bryant
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How Populism Is Rewriting The Charter School Narrative

Two recent events showcase exactly how the populist fervor in the nation is redrawing the education policy landscape, and more specifically, rewriting the story of the roll out of charter schools in our communities.
Jeff Bryant
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What’s Taking Little Rock Back To Its Segregated Past?

Progress on racial integration achieved during the civil rights period has gradually eroded. But in places like Little Rock, Ark., where progress started in 1957, the conflict continues; only the actors have changed.
Jeff Bryant
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Rally for Education Justice – Are We Winning?

800 advocates for “the people’s education” gathered at the Lincoln Memorial last week, where speakers who included Diane Ravitch and Rev. William Barber placed the fight to save public schools in the context of social justice advocacy.
Jeff Bryant
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Bernie-mentum Nudges Clinton Forward On Debt-Free College

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announces changes to her college affordability plan that closely tracks a key component of the platform challenger Bernie Sanders put forward in his race for the Democratic nomination.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Getting The ‘Customer Model’ Out Of Education

We're told schools need to be in step with the needs of businesses, and that education is "an investment" that gets a "return." The language of education policy is saturated in business values. But the truth is most businesses fail.
Jeff Bryant
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Mindless Underfunding Of Schools Continues, Doing Harm To Kids

High school graduation season is in bloom, but in some places, parents with children still in school have to worry about conditions in the schools they'll return to in the fall – or even if schools will open at all.
Jeff Bryant
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Who Needs To Reach Higher For Higher Education?

Michele Obama on Friday may commend City College of New York graduates for their effort to "reach higher" in education. Let's hope she also tells policy leaders and public officials to reach higher to fund it.
Jeff Bryant
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Vouchers Subsidizing Education Failure

The false god of school vouchers has been unmasked once again by a study that says Louisiana and Indiana students using private school vouchers ended up doing worse than their public school counterparts.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Million Student March To Demand Answers On Debt Reduction

A new round of student protests on Wednesday will command the attention of the 2016 presidential election debate. The demands will include tuition-free public college and cancellation of all student debt.
Mary Green Swig | Steven L. Swig | Roger Hickey
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