An Emerging New Narrative For Education

The current narrative about our public education policy – at least the one we’ve been hearing for the past 20 years – no longer works. Fortunately, a new narrative is emerging from outside the usual sources.
Jeff Bryant
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For the Student Debt Movement, JUBILEE is an Old Idea Made New

We have proposed a bold but simple solution to the student debt problem - to eliminate it altogether by declaring a “Student Debt Jubilee.” The concept is not new. It is part of our Judeo-Christian heritage.
Mary Green Swig | Steven L. Swig | Roger Hickey
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The School Choice We Have Vs. The Choice We Want

National School Choice Week is staged this time of year to elevate charter schools and vouchers. What we see in Detroit is increasing evidence of the “school choice” American communities really have. What kind of “choice” is this?
Jeff Bryant

Here’s How A Ruling In Favor Of Friedrichs Will Hurt Education

Earlier this month, news about a U.S. Supreme Court case raised concerns for progressives everywhere – for good reason. If the court upholds the plaintiffs in the Friedrichs case, that will hurt our children’s education.
Jeff Bryant

How Much Do We Hate Our Children?

Americans say they care about the well-being of kids. But it’s increasingly harder to see that sentiment reflected in policy. But there are recent examples of adults taking actions in the best interest of children.
Jeff Bryant

Five Education Stories To Keep Your Eye On In 2016

Keep an eye this year on competitive governor races, more charter school controversy, the Friedrichs Supreme Court case, the Chicago teachers strike, and the ongoing resistance to testing.
Jeff Bryant

Shining A Light Into The Charter School Black Box

A new report shines a light into how charter schools have become a parallel school system, populated with enterprises and individuals who work in secret to suck money out of public education.
Jeff Bryant

One Woman’s $400,000 Student Debt And What We Should Do About It

A Thanksgiving weekend story is framed as a story of "how the federal government has become the biggest, nicest and meanest student lender in the world." It actually makes the case for debt-free college and debt forgiveness.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Teacher Evaluations Fall Off The Education ‘Reform’ Agenda

Hillary Clinton recently shook up the education policy world when she challenged one of the pillars of the education establishment: the linking of teachers' job evaluations and pay to how students perform on standardized tests.
Jeff Bryant

Shake Off Those Charter Chains

Cartoonist Mark Fiore's latest video is a satirical look at the deeply serious issue of corporate charter school chains and their campaign to drain resources from public schools for their own bottom line.
Jeff Bryant

The Big Education Fight In The Democratic Party

The conventional wisdom supporting the market competition of charter schools is being questioned, this time from the most unlikely source – presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
Jeff Bryant

What Teachers Do: A Little Common Sense In This Must-See Video

When the Campaign for America's Future gave NEA President Lily Eskelsen García its Progressive Champion award, she electrified the crowd – particularly with her riff on what teachers do. You have to hear this.
Robert Borosage

Education Reform’s Very Bad, God-Awful Week

Anyone who believes that cracking down harder on neighborhood schools and pushing for privately operated charters are the necessary “reforms” our education system needs has to admit this past week was a huge downer.
Jeff Bryant

Seattle Teachers’ Strike A Win For Social Justice

Striking teachers in Seattle appear to have been victorious in getting most of their demands met – because their demands were undoubtedly in the best interests of the students.
Jeff Bryant

Stop Garnishing Social Security Benefits to Pay Student Debt

Many seniors' Social Security benefits are being garnished to continue to pay student loans they took out a lifetime ago. But student debt activists and seniors are now joining together to say “Enough!” Join us.
Roger Hickey

Right On Banks, Wrong On Schools

Congressman Mark Takano explains why even progressive Democrats fall for phony education reform. "if you liken education to bean counting, that’s not going to work."
Jeff Bryant

Summer Spells Hunger for Kids in Small American Towns

Only one in seven children who get help with food at school continue to get the food they need from summer programs. Many programs in low-income communities don’t qualify for summer meals under the current rules.
Richard Kirsch

The Big Jeb Bush Charter School Lie

As the ranks of Florida charter schools have swollen, the pathway out of poverty these schools were supposed to provide now looks more like a detour to exploitation and profit-making.
Jeff Bryant
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