13 More of Ben Carson’s Craziest Beliefs

In Ben Carson Republicans have found a candidate who truly makes George W. Bush look like an intellectual giant, and yet another representative of a right-wing culture in which belief is more important than knowledge.
Terrance Heath

Midterm Elections Say Nothing About The National Ideology

Democrats have won the presidential popular vote for five of the last six elections. So don't let anyone tell you than the midterms and off-year election results mean that the nation is fundamentally conservative and Republican.
Bill Scher
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Building On The Keystone Victory

Now is the time to use the momentum from the Keystone pipeline decision, and mobilize for a broad cap on carbon emissions and a massive investment in clean energy jobs.
Bill Scher
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Big Oil Can’t Go On Like This

Ensuring that our planet remains hospitable requires leaving about three-quarters of all oil, gas, and coal deposits underground. Forgoing all those fossil fuels means oil companies need to change or go out of business.

Scott Wallace: Progressive Champion For The Common Person

The leader of a fossil fuel divestment movement explains how he is carrying out the vision of his grandfather, Vice-President Henry Wallace, who once called for the "Century of the Common Man."
Bill Scher
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Paul Ryan vs. the People

Paul Ryan paints himself as a champion of “the people” over “Washington.” But the “people” the new House speaker defends are corporations. And the “Washington” he attacks is the one that does deliver for real people.
Richard Kirsch

What Teachers Do: A Little Common Sense In This Must-See Video

When the Campaign for America's Future gave NEA President Lily Eskelsen García its Progressive Champion award, she electrified the crowd – particularly with her riff on what teachers do. You have to hear this.
Robert Borosage

The Rigging of the American Market

As long as the big corporations, Wall Street banks, their top executives and wealthy shareholders have the political power to do so, they’ll keep redistributing much of the nation’s income upward to themselves.

Why The Vote On Ohio’s Gerrymandering Ban Matters

Ohioans are voting on Issue One, a constitutional amendment to ban political gerrymandering that could cure much of what ails our government and fix our broken political process.
Terrance Heath

How Unions Fight Inequality and Strengthen Democracy

A new International Monetary Fund study shows that a reinvigorated labor movement is essential to a just economy and a well-functioning democracy. It deserves widespread attention – and should inspire concerted action.
Richard Eskow

Education Reform’s Very Bad, God-Awful Week

Anyone who believes that cracking down harder on neighborhood schools and pushing for privately operated charters are the necessary “reforms” our education system needs has to admit this past week was a huge downer.
Jeff Bryant

What Did Rubio Actually Say?

Sen. Marco Rubio has been christened the winner of the last debate by the pundits after staring down Jeb Bush's attack on his senatorial attendance record. But what did he actually say about his ideas and policies?
Bill Scher
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The CNBC Republican Debate: Bring In the Clowns

Arithmetic was the first casualty in the CNBC Republican Presidential debate. Logic became collateral damage. What John Kasich scorned as "fantasies" of those "who cannot do this job" ruled the night.
Robert Borosage

On Leaders and Demagogues

America is the only democracy in the world where anyone can run for president -- and, armed with enough money, possibly even win. Which makes it all the more important that we distinguish leaders from demagogues.

Will The Republican Debate Cover China And Trade?

The US has an enormous, humongous and continuing trade deficit, caused by our country's trade policies. In the last few months American industrial production has been edging down. Will the Republican candidates address trade Wednesday?

What the Steve Jobs Movie Won’t Tell You About Apple’s Success

Everything you can do with an iPhone was government-funded. From the Internet that lets you surf the Web, to GPS that lets you use Google Maps, to touchscreen display and even the SIRI voice activated system — all were funded by Uncle Sam.
Lynne Stuart Parramore

Middle-Class Joe Expresses Middle-Class Angst

It's crucial that the next President belief restore the belief that America is a place where work is justly rewarded and everyone who works hard can attain a middle-class life -- without backbreaking debt.
Leo Gerard

Scandal-Mongering Keeps Backfiring On Republicans

Instead of spending the time to identify new ideas, craft polices and corral support for those policies among party members, Republicans spent the last few years going down the Benghazi and IRS rabbit holes.
Bill Scher
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