Why We Need to Worry about Wilbur

America’s next secretary of commerce may be a private equity kingpin who owes his ample fortune to a career of manipulating the misfortune of America’s workers.

Taking on Trump: Lessons from the Reagan Years

How do Democrats respond to Donald Trump? With his first appointments, Trump has doubled down on the extremes. Democrats might learn from the 1980s, when they won many battles against Reagan, but lost the war.
Robert Borosage

Cleaning the Corporate Dirt from the GOP Budget

Right-wingers are also using the appropriations process to try to sneak ideological attacks past the American people, such as blocking access to contraception, exclude non-citizens from the Census and let landlords discriminate on race.

What Student Protests Tell Us About America Under Trump

In this new era under a Trump regime, student protests are telling us something is very wrong. They're telling us it's time for bold stands, not wait-and-see equivocations, in the face of rising hatred. We should listen to them.
Jeff Bryant

Finally, A Chance to Remake the Democratic Party

For the first time in a quarter-century, we’re about to see a vacuum of political and intellectual leadership in the Democratic Party. The party will have to remake itself. The question is, as what?
Richard Eskow

How We Can Fight Trump

In the wake of Trump’s victory, the traditional rituals were observed. Hillary Clinton gave a graceful concession speech; President Obama and Trump called for Americans to come together. The only true response was in the streets.
Robert Borosage

Don’t Underestimate The Damage Stephen Bannon Can Do

Steve Bannon is racist, misogynist and whip smart. With the authority of the Federal government, Bannon will be able to carry out witch hunts against perceived political enemies and to empower the most hateful elements in society.
Miles Mogulescu

Welcome to Swamp Trump. Please Don’t Feed the Gators.

When one of the President-elect's appointments gets positive responses from the KKK and the Nazis, it's hard to focus on his other hires. But it’s important. If "personnel is policy," as Sen. Warren says, then Trump’s policy is plunder.
Richard Eskow

12 Notes From a Political Autopsy

What killed the Democrats' chances? People are still sifting through the data, but here are twelve notes from the ongoing political autopsy.
Richard Eskow

Resist! Reorganize! Revitalize!

Donald Trump is the legally elected president-elect. But he needs to be resisted from day one with all the tools of an aroused democratic citizenry. He is not entitled to a honeymoon.
Miles Mogulescu

Is TPP Really Dead?

The head of the Senate says he won't bring it up for a vote, but House Speaker Paul Ryan hasn't said a thing. And, of course, Wall Street and the giant multinational corporations want TPP and they want it bad.

The Road Ahead for Social Justice After Election 2017

For those of us committed to social justice and opportunity for all, we may be entering one of the most challenging eras of our lives. But I am confident that, as a community, we will rise to the occasion.
Alan Jenkins

Five Reasons For Liberals To Have Hope

If Trump manages to drag down the entire Republican Party with him over the next four years, Democrats might be able to snag the biggest political prize of all in the 2020 elections.
Bill Scher

Education Victories Democrats Can Rally Around

Democrats are having a hard time finding any bright spots in Tuesday's defeat. But communities that voted against the private takeover of their public schools showed progressive Democrats how to take back control of their party.
Jeff Bryant

Why Trump Won

Obama’s coalition will continue to grow in number. But Democrats better learn how to sing from Bernie Sanders' gospel to have any hope of becoming a majority party again.
Robert Borosage

The Damage From Free Trade Helped Elect Trump

In the late 70s the country was told that "protectionism" is bad for the economy and was sold "free trade" as a way to bring prosperity and jobs. "Laid-off workers would be "freed up" to get better jobs. Well, they never got better jobs

Female Vets at Highest Risk for Homelessness

Despite Donald Trump's constant harping on how bad our veterans are treated, we do pretty well overall. Homelessness is a glaring exception. Although declining slightly in the past two years, it’s way too high, especially for female vets.

The Coming Republican Reckoning

If the the Republican rank-and-file can break with Trump, and Trumpism, Republican leaders will be more able to reposition and compete in 21st century America. But that is the most likely scenario.
Bill Scher

Hillary Had My Back

As the steel industry collapsed in the 1990s, I found some lawmakers true to their word. Hillary Clinton was one. She never let workers down. Steel is in crisis again. I want a President I know I can trust to help workers. That is Clinton.
Leo Gerard

Small May Not Always Be Beautiful

Have you been keeping your own personal list of issues that should have received some attention in this year’s election campaigns but didn’t? Here’s one issue you may have overlooked: America’s incredible housing squeeze.

We Were All Outsiders in Trump’s America Once — Even Trump

We were all strangers once, all except the first people of this land. Some of us can’t remember that because we’re too consumed with hate, or fear, or anger, or ambition. But it’s true. We were all strangers once.
Richard Eskow

It’s Not New: Sexual Assault in the Election and in History

Trump, Clinton, and their respective supporters have been framing the issue as a debate over whose actions are worse. But to morally condemn individual acts of sexual assault while ignoring gendered inequality in general is wrong.
Sandy Banard

Five Truths About Charter Schools

Major national newspapers published editorials criticizing the NAACP's call for a moratorium on charter schools. These editorials have got it wrong. Here’s what everyone needs to know about charter schools
Jeff Bryant
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