Democrats Should Focus More on Jobs, Less on Russia

Democrats must confront the moral horrors of Trump's policies head-on: jobs, healthcare, civil rights and the Supreme Court are all under attack. We must defend these first, even if there's a 'smell of treason' in the air.
Robert Borosage

Grassroots Power Stalls Trumpcare

People's Action groups stood up in Pennsylvania and other states to let elected officials know we won't let them trade away health care for a tax break to the richest two percent of the country.
Rafael Diaz

Alaska, Montana & Indian Health Benefits Under Fire

The story of Alaska and Montana is not front and center in the health-care debate in the House, but it should be. Both states get a raw deal under the GOP's plan, and Montana doesn't even get a vote.
Mark Trahant

GOP Health Bill Endangers the Lives of Trans People

Trans people may lose health care under the GOP, just because they are trans. We need to fight for what we all deserve: health care in which no one fears dying because we don’t have the resources or access to stay alive.
Xoai Pham

Communities Say: Trump Water Policies Make Us Sick!

Detroit, Reno and other cities across the country rallied on World Water Day to demand that our representatives defend our access to safe drinking water and stop cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.
Jordan Estevão

Speaking Truth to Lies in the Trump Era

We live in a new era, with untruths all around us. Here are ten ways advocates, journalists, and everyday people can cut through the lies and get the real story out in what we write and say.
Alan Jenkins

Reaffirm Our National Community By Forgiving Student Debt

This is a more important time than ever to reaffirm our bravest and highest values. Jubilee – the ancient concept of debt forgiveness as an affirmation of community – reflects those values.
Mary Green Swig | Steven L. Swig | Richard Eskow

Republican Budget Endangers Americans at Work and Home

Trump's budget doesn't make us secure. It slashes and burns protections to our environment, labor and education. Americans sickened by pollution are weak. Workers threatened by explosions on the job are less safe, not more.
Leo Gerard

We Must Filibuster Gorsuch’s Federalist Society Agenda

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch shows every sign he supports the Federalist Society's pro-corporate, far-right agenda. Democratic senators must filibuster his nomination, or face primary challenges in their home states.
Miles Mogulescu

Five Reasons Moderate Democrats Should Oppose Neil Gorsuch

Nobody’s suggesting Democrats should behave like Republicans. But it’s no longer “moderate” to pretend the rules haven’t changed. In today’s world, a vote for Gorsuch is a vote for extremism over moderation.
Richard Eskow
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The Return of the Railroad Robber Baron

If you don’t pay me $230 million, the new CEO at railroad giant CSX warns, I’ll walk away, and let your workers keep their jobs. He means it. At his previous CEO stop, Hunter Harrison cut another railroad's workforce by 34 percent.

Trump’s EPA Cuts: No One Will Protect Us

President Trump’s deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency terrify me. They will gut the agency, removing protections for American families and our children.
Lois Gibbs

Trump Budget Brings Harsh Cuts to Indian Country

Trump's "America First" budget brings significant harm to the First Americans. It may force cuts of as much as 18 percent to the Indian Health Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other programs that are vital to our life.
Mark Trahant

‘America First’ Budget Is Unworthy of Our Nation

Donald Trump's budget blueprint aims to dazzle, but its hardness of heart is unworthy of the American people. Our country's great leaders of the past would hardly recognize it as American at all.
Richard Eskow
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What DeVos Means When She Says ‘Public Schools’

DeVos has called public schools a “dead end,” but now as Secretary of Education, she’s all for them. Or so she says. But it's likely what DeVos means by "public schools" is different from what you and I think.
Jeff Bryant

Nashville Says “No!” to Trump’s Health Care Con

President Trump came to Nashville to peddle the Republicans’ disastrous plan to cut health care for millions of Americans. Tennesseans responded to this con with a resounding, "No!"
Andy Spears

Wisconsin to Ryan: Let Us Live “A Life of Dignity”

Hundreds converged on the Racine offices of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan Tuesday to deliver this simple message about his proposed cuts to healthcare : "Kill your bill, before it kills us!"
Tim Wilkins

Nixon, Reagan Paved Way for GOP’s Race-Charged Health Agenda

After an election filled with racist rhetoric, Republicans have proposed an agenda that will harm many black, brown, and poor Americans while helping the white and wealthy. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan pioneered this divisive strategy.
Richard Eskow
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The GOP Health Bill Is an Assault on People of Color

The Republicans' plan to overhaul health care cuts programs that help black and brown people to pay for giveaways to the wealthy. People ask if this is accidental or deliberate. Does it matter?
Richard Eskow
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Finding New Solutions for Foreign Policy

Trump’s first weeks in office have been horrifyingly erratic. But the bipartisan foreign-policy establishment's conventional wisdom is, in many ways, even more disconnected from reality than the president’s tweets.
Robert Borosage

Yes, Schools Can Improve; Here’s How

Both sides in the current education debate assume real progress can't come from schools themselves, but must be imposed by outside folks who aren't professional educators. What if that assumption is wrong?
Jeff Bryant

We Must Create Good Jobs: Sherrod Brown Shows the Way Forward

Jobs may have increased in February, but our challenge as a nation is to create good jobs that provide dignity for all. Senator Sherrod Brown's insightful new report - Working Too Hard for Too Little - shows us how to get there.
Robert Borosage

Trumping the WTO for Fair Trade

The WTO treats the United States like a punching bag that must suffer economic blows from trade-cheating by nations worldwide. Trumping the WTO to protect American jobs and industries is the right thing to do.
Leo Gerard

Who Says ‘It Can’t Happen Here’?

Sinclair Lewis was right to sound this alarm. We have endured 40 years of creeping authoritarianism, and it now appears that it may run right over democracy. We must resist, and act in solidarity.
Harvey J Kaye

Our President Is Up to No Good

President Trump's poisoned-tip tweets distract us with slander while he and Republicans enact the most regressive measures of policy and taxation since the 1920s.
Bill Moyers
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