What Do We Know about Neil Gorsuch?

Ian Milhiser, the Think Progress justice editor, explored Trump's Supreme Court nominee in an interview that explored his background, ideology and judicial philosophy.
Richard Eskow

We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight Tom Price

Let’s protect the Affordable Care Act by doing what Democrats should have done all along: by making the case for a better health care system, and then fighting for it. That means making the case for government itself.
Richard Eskow

Progressives Lost The Vote On DeVos But Won Something Valuable

Betsy DeVos won her contest in the Senate to become the new U.S. Secretary of Education but likely killed a long-standing political consensus on education. Its death gives progressives a chance to push for something better.
Jeff Bryant

Senator Warren Persists, We Persist

Senate Republicans silenced Elizabeth Warren when she was reading aloud a critical letter from three decades ago about Jeff Sessions during a debate over his confirmation as attorney general. She persisted.

Make American Jobs

American manufacturing workers need tough action against corporations that renounce their birthplace for profit and against flagrant, job-stealing trade violators like China.
Leo Gerard

#Holdthefloor: Senate Democrats’ All-Night Vigil Against DeVos

Senate Democrats, channeling public opposition to Trump's nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education while venting their own outrage over her lack of qualifications for the job, are occupying the Senate floor for 24 hours.
Jeff Bryant

What Made the Great Recession ‘Great’?

The deeply unequal America of 2006 had a greater proportion of low-wealth households than the America of earlier postwar decades — and that contrast turns out to really matter during economic downturns.

Trump Stands Up for Bad Bankers

Donald Trump says he represents working people, but he just tilted the scale in favor of the banks. As Trump moved to rob Americans of some basic financial protections, his choice of companions only added insult to injury.
Richard Eskow

Will the Senate Reject DeVos?

The unprecedented opposition to education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos is less about politics and more about a struggle over the soul of education in America. Regardless of how the vote turns out, this fight will continue.
Jeff Bryant

Dispatches from Week 2 of #ResistTrumpTuesdays

Protesters are determined to be visible and they are opposing Trump at every turn. Turnout grew this time due to outrage over Trump’s Muslim ban and his cabinet nominees and expectations for his Supreme Court pick.

Betsy DeVos May Want Quack Science Taught Instead of Real Thing

In her charitable giving, her financial investments, and the rhetoric she uses to express her intentions as education secretary, Betsy DeVos has signaled support for teaching intelligent design in schools as an alternative to evolution.
Jeff Bryant

Trump Makes a Mockery of Black History Month

What makes Trump’s Black History Month remarks so laughable and offensive to African Americans is that his history of indifference and hostility to Black people renders the posture of respecting Black heritage completely false.

Trump and Bannon’s ‘America First’

Political strategists have never before participated in National Security Council principals meetings because the NSC is supposed to give presidents nonpartisan, factual advice. But this is the Trump administration.

Donald Trump’s $100-Million Men

For us, another day, another dollar. For them, another day, another fortune. And another reason we need to start exploring the notion of a surtax on excessive CEO pay.

Trump’s Orders on Immigrants Violate Our Values

The country will stand for hope not fear, and I know you will stand with us to say no to Trump’s border wall, refugee ban and discrimination against Muslims. If you agree, post a “Solidarity Selfie” on social media.
Mehrdad Azemun

Should Tom Price Go to Jail? Interview with Nancy Altman [video]

Should Trump nominee Tom Price be in jail for insider stock trading? Nancy Altman is an attorney with 40 years of experience in public policy, Social Security, and private pensions, so she does not ask lightly. We recently talked about it.
Richard Eskow
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