How Many Won’t Watch Trump’s Inauguration?

On The Rick Smith Show, I discussed how low TV ratings would rattle Trump, as well as other issues looming large for the incoming administration. Check out the podcast.
Bill Scher

Don’t Watch Donald Trump’s Inauguration

A mass refusal by the public to watch Donald Trump on TV will deprive him of big ratings, which he routinely uses to create a false impression of widespread popularity.
Bill Scher

How Trump Is Like Reagan … And How He Is Not

With eleven days until Donald Trump is inaugurated as President, at least half of the country is in disoriented shock. And while in many respects what is happening is unprecedented, in other respects, we've been here before.
Bill Scher

Democrats Who Oppose Betsy DeVos Have Nothing To Lose

From a political standpoint, the education reform agenda has been bipartisan because it had to be. Republicans needed Democrats in their inside game to help push ideas for privatization through government channels. Now, that's changed.
Jeff Bryant

An Arrogant Entrance, A Sad Exit

With a new Congress and White House committed to wealth’s concentration, we’ll sorely miss the scholar who dedicated his life to documenting wealth’s maldistribution.

Sorry Donald, Republicans Own Health Care Now

Donald Trump and the Republicans own the government, and so, they own Obamacare. That's what Barack Obama intended and that's why Obamacare will never be truly repealed.
Bill Scher

The Carolina Coup and the Fight for Public Education

The naked power grab by Republicans in North Carolina has shocked the nation. But few people understand that a struggle over public education is at the center of the fight against an authoritarian government in the era of Donald Trump
Jeff Bryant

Girding For The Education Fight Ahead

To get an idea of what kind of education policies to expect under Trump, look at Wall St, where the stock price of K12 Inc., the country’s largest operator of online charters, has reached an all time high
Jeff Bryant

Coming Soon: American Made Battle of the Heavyweights

There’s a battle brewing between the President-elect and the Speaker of the House. Donald Trump promised the working class who elected him that he’d support Buy American provisions to create jobs. The Speaker backs anti-American imports.
Leo Gerard

Waging Class War in Comfort

No president has packed his cabinet with more bigwigs than president-elect Donald Trump. Do the corporate chiefs now parading into the new Trump administration see the United States as just another enterprise — to fleece?

“Corruption” Then And Now

Remember how the "news" media was going on and on about the Clinton Foundation -- at least when they weren't going on and on abut Hillary Clinton's emails, or airing entire Trump rallies for free?

What Happened? Doing the Math on Election 2016.

Now we have the hard numbers to do a thorough assessment of what really happened in our nation's 58th presidential election. One thing is certain. The votes are out there. Democrats have four years to go get them.
Bill Scher

Beyond Resistance: The Story of 2016

Democratic operatives got the story wrong ... Fortunately, the rest of the country isn’t waiting for someone else to figure it out. A national movement of resistance – and affirmation – is already underway.
Richard Eskow
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False Hope Hurts More

President-elect Trump promised, “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.” Working people across America who heard that and his jobs and trade promises believed him. Those hopes must not become false hopes.
Leo Gerard

Through the GOP, the Wealthy Are Waging War on the Old

If you are an older American – or if you expect to live past your early sixties – and aren’t wealthy, recent news stories may have led you to conclude that the Republican Party is at war with you. If so, you’re not wrong.
Richard Eskow
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Drug Prices Likely to Rise in Trump Administration

Congress is set to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which means that the drug companies will lose millions of customers. Because drug companies will want to make up for their lost revenue, drug prices are likely to rise.
Diane Archer

How to Expose Trump’s Dastardly Bait-and-Switch

To expose Donald Trump's bait-and-switch on the economy, it will be vital to follow the money, and expose the corruptions and the lies. Challenging Trump’s appointments will provide the first opportunity to pierce the veil.
Robert Borosage
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Trump’s Punch Down Strategy

Trump, believe it or not, is President-elect of the United States. That is a position of great power, commanding great influence over what people think and do.

America Did Not Vote For This Cabinet

Donald Trump is creating an executive branch of government in service to a narrow set of special interests that no Democrat, and not even all Trump voters, would ever want.
Bill Scher
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