Antidotes to Avarice: A 2013 Top Ten

Nurses, philosophers, and trade unions have over the past 12 months all shared some fascinating ideas on how we can make our societies much more equal — and much better — places to live.

America’s Greediest: The 2013 Top Ten

Butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. You won't find any of them in this latest annual list of America's most relentlessly avaricious. You will find wheelers and dealers and even a candy store heiress.

Inequality: A Sure Way to Kill a Good Time

What makes a society a fun place to be? Really nice weather and exciting nightlife options certainly help. So does avoiding a starkly skewed distribution of income and wealth, suggests a noted World Bank economist.

From Rome, Five Essential Insights on Inequality

In plain yet powerful language, Pope Francis is challenging the givens of our deeply unequal world — and helping inspire resistance to it. His new "apostolic exhortation" offers a surprisingly wide-ranging critique of our unequal status quo.

One ‘Entitlement’ Really Does Need Trimming

America's corporate CEOs feel entitled to pensions that pay out $86,000 monthly. To protect their entitlement, they're attacking ours: Social Security. But a new report neatly exposes the monumental hypocrisy of their legislative assault.

A Politics Worse than Watergate?

If the Supreme Court chooses to erase our remaining post-Watergate campaign finance reforms, Richard Nixon's scandalous reign may come to seem — thanks to growing inequality — mere kid's play.

Remember When People Had Pensions?

America's corporate chiefs deserve all their hefty rewards, we're constantly advised, because they take hefty risks. And what exactly are these richly rewarded corporate chiefs putting at risk? Our retirement security.

CEO Pay: A Revealing Retrospective

Over the last 20 years, the annual lists of America’s highest-paid chief execs — our corporate ‘best and brightest’ — have included an amazingly high concentration of outright frauds and flops.
CEO Pay: A Revealing Retrospective

Racketeering Then and Racketeering Now

Back in Al Capone’s day, Prohibition helped give rise to a rash of epic crime-boss fortunes. On Wall Street today, deregulation has spawned an entire new generation of fabulously rich racketeers.

Why Can’t Democracy Trump Inequality?

Voters of modest means outnumber voters of excessive means in every election. Yet public policy in America essentially comforts only the already comfortable. Four political scientists, flush with new data, have an explanation.

A Congress Only CEOs Could Love

House Republicans, with help from some Wall Street-friendly Democrats, are rushing to repeal the most promising Dodd-Frank Act check on excessive executive pay. You won’t believe their rationale. Only 10 […]

Why We Tax: A Timely Reminder for Tax Day

Media darling Rand Paul is doing his best to end progressive taxation in America. Randolph Paul, over a half-century ago, helped make progressive taxation a prime building block for America’s […]

Why Aren’t More of Us Protesting Inequality?

Egalitarian-minded academics have just subjected a central political question of our time to some rigorous research scrutiny. What they've found: More knowledge about our economic divide can change how people feel about inequality, but not necessarily what they do.
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