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Bernie’s Ideas And Biden’s Burden

Bernie’s Ideas And Biden’s Burden

“Anyway, my time is up. I’m sorry.” Joe Biden may have been talking about the timer, but his hapless performance in his first Democratic debate imparted an ironic twist to the words. This first debate of the season is but one of many, but it may well mark a turn in...

Democrats Need to Think Big for 2020

There is a dizzying array of potential presidential nominees for Democratic primary voters to choose from—so many that they won’t even fit on one debate stage. But there is one basic choice the party will have to make: Will it nominate someone based on perceived...

Why the ‘Ideas Primary’ Matters

U.S. presidential contests may seem never-ending, but if the debate is about policy – instead of personality – is that such a bad thing? The 2020 presidential campaign began long before the midterms ended. Reporters have already started covering the gaggle...

2018 Midterms: Blue Wave, Red Undertow

The 2018 election is blue wave with a harsh red undertow. First, the wave: Democrats took the House, moving towards flipping over 30 seats, took seven gubernatorial races and counting, and made significant gains in down-ballot races –winning over 330 state legislative...

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