Mitt’s Offshore Shenanigans: The Bigger Story

All those official government stats on the maldistribution of wealth in the United States — and the world — vastly understate the actual extent of our contemporary inequality, says a blockbuster new study on global tax havens.

The Tiny Tax that Terrifies Wall Street

Robin Hood would not be happy if he happened upon our incredibly top-heavy modern world. But the new campaign to levy a tax on speculative trading would most likely have him breaking out in smiles.

Magic Act Making the Super Rich Disappear

The Federal Reserve has once again counted up America's personal wealth — and omitted the nation's 400 richest from the final tally. But the new figures, even with that omission, show a divide still deepening.

Our Top 400 A Little Historical Perspective

All those millions that America's billionaires are pouring into super PACs, where do they come from? We can trace a huge chunk of that political cash to the truly massive tax cuts our richest now enjoy. How massive? Over $25 billion a year -- for our most affluent 400 -- massive enough for you?

The Most Surprising Nay on Pay Yet

A perfectly respectable business panel is urging corporate boards to ditch the ridiculous rationalizations for CEO pay excess and narrow the gargantuan corporate pay gap. Step one: end CEO stock options.

Facebook and Tahrir Square Revisited

Facebook's initial public offering last week 'offered' the world another double dose of windfalls and greed. But Egypt's elections this week may bring an IPO of a different sort, the 'initial public offering' of an antidote to avarice.

Will CEO Pay Excess Outlast Our Shareholder Spring

A string of surprising 'say on pay' votes has some executive pay critics sensing an impending revolution in corporate boardrooms. But that 'revolution' won't amount to much until mainstream CEO pay reformers start factoring worker pay into the corporate compensation equation.

The Pothole in Our Political Psyche

Even rich people sooner or later have to drive over bridges. So why aren't the wealthy screaming about America's inadequate — and increasingly unsafe — basic infrastructure?

The Obama Tax Plan A Test for America

Can democracy, one top political scientist asked last week, 'function effectively in a society marked by vast economic inequality'? The fate of the modest new White House bid to tax our rich may tell the tale.

Should the Billionaire Club Start Paying Dues

Austerity budgets are spreading everywhere, but wealth, new data show, has become more concentrated at the global economic summit than ever before. From Cairo to Palo Alto, even some conservatives are now talking wealth tax.

On Taxing the Rich a Top Pol Breaks Ranks

A tax-the-rich bombshell has dropped in the presidential race. The French presidential race. But this bombshell’s blast will almost certainly reverberate elsewhere. Maybe even in the United States.

How Power Suits Subvert the Law of the Land

Lawmakers make laws. They don't enforce them. Corporate America understands that difference — and exploits it with a relentless regularity. The latest case in point: the battle over outrageous CEO pay.

Trickle-Down in the Other Down Under

GOP White House hopefuls want taxes on the rich cut even lower than they've already been cut. What might a tax-the-rich-even-less future bring? The land of the kiwi offers one frightful answer.

Americas Affluent and the New Bunker Down

Just 40 years ago, most Americans rubbed elbows with neighbors from a fairly wide cross-section of income levels. But today’s rich, Census data show, are keeping everyone else at arm’s […]

Rags to Riches Who Should Really Care

The defenders of privilege just don’t seem to get it. In truly decent societies we measure success by how many people are leading rich, fulfilling lives, not by counting how […]

Americas Tilt to the Top The Deepest Stats Yet

All sorts of federal agencies publish income inequality data. But only the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office directly takes on America’s income inequality deniers. Back in 1979, America’s most affluent 1 […]

The Landmark Tax Reform that Fizzled

Sam Pizzigati edits Too Much, the online weekly on excess and inequality published by the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Policy Studies, where the following originally appeared. Can a small army […]
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