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A Nation Where Only The Rich Have Homes?

In Northern California’s Bay Area, two-thirds of the homeless haven’t been able to find temporary sheltering services. They live and sleep outdoors, many in lines of RVs parked along public right-of-ways like the waterfront in Berkeley. And that has infuriated nearby residents who’ve paid big bucks for their residences.

Making a #HomesGuarantee a Reality For All

My name is Vernell Robinson, and I live on front lines of our nation’s housing crisis. My voice, and other voices of those directly affected by this crisis, belong at the table with decision-makers - because we are the ones who know what needs to change, now. That’s...

Cuomo to New York’s Homeless: Drop Dead

Did you ever hear about the time President Ford told New York City to “Drop Dead?” That was forty-four years ago - I wasn't even born yet -  but I know exactly how New Yorkers felt then, because that’s EXACTLY how we feel now about Governor Cuomo's failure to address...

We Will Not Rest Until Housing Justice Is Done

  On Wednesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced a historic housing bill, the American Housing and Economic Mobility Act. This bill is an important step forward in our fight to guarantee housing for all, and to close the wealth gap between Black and white...

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