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Gender Justice

Washington Vs. The Squad

You’ve heard the cliche: If you’re taking heat from “both sides,” you must be doing something right. It’s dubious advice, but it fits pretty well for “the Squad” — the progressive first-year Reps. Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan...

Whose Lives Matter? Our Lives Matter

Twenty years ago, I was a director of youth programs for a subsidiary organization of the Chicago Housing Authority. I ran an afterschool, GED and job training programs for Black youth living in the city’s public housing.   In the three years that I ran these...

How We Fight The Rollback Of Roe: We Organize

State by state, the Far Right is chipping away at women’s rights. Extremists are carving out a path for Trump’s Supreme Court to eliminate the right to safe and legal abortion that has been ours since the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling in 1974. Sadly, a new Supreme Court...

The Most Dangerous Time For Women’s Rights In Decades

We’re living in the most perilous time for abortion rights and reproductive freedom since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. While some erosion of abortion rights has occurred over the decades — parental consent laws, waiting periods, procedure curtailment — the...

Alabama Won’t Roll Over To The Rising Tide Of Hate

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey just signed the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the country. Doctors now face up to 99 years in prison for offering to end pregnancies, with nearly no exceptions - including cases of incest and rape. Once again, the people of Alabama...

No Gender Bias in Politics? Not So Fast

A professor’s provocative assertion that they found “no evidence whatsoever that voters are biased against female candidates” demands a reality check – and more women running for office regardless of whether bias exists.

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