A New Way to Equal Pay For All Women

Equal Pay Day is here. That's the date when women working full-time, year-round catch up to men’s earnings from the previous year. If you're a working woman, or a man who cares about the women in your life, this matters to you.

Female Vets at Highest Risk for Homelessness

Despite Donald Trump's constant harping on how bad our veterans are treated, we do pretty well overall. Homelessness is a glaring exception. Although declining slightly in the past two years, it’s way too high, especially for female vets.


In a campaign where last straws come almost daily, it’s hard to say if “nasty woman” is the final one for women voters. But it won’t matter. The Waylon Jennings song says it all: "She’s Gone, Gone, Gone. Cryin’ won’t bring her back."

Leave Bill Clinton Out of It

Bill Clinton's 20-year-old sexcapades are irrelevant to Hillary's ability to govern. If that counted, we’d have to downgrade the presidencies of at least half the guys who have served, and blame their wives in the bargain.

Obama Still Swimming Against the Tide on TPP

To borrow one of Donald Trump’s favorite words, we already know the Trans Pacific Partnership is a “disaster” for U.S. workers. But what folks may not realize is that many of its provisions will hurt women the most.

Trump’s Immigration Plan Punishes Women Most

All of Donald Trump's so-called immigration plans actually fail to address the issues for the majority of immigrants – women. That’s right: The face of the migrant in the United States is increasingly female.

A Two-Pronged Assault on Women

We heard a lot about the “war on women” during the 2012 election cycle. The only change is that now we’re fighting on two fronts — reproductive rights and economic survival.