Sequester Will Hit Communities Of Color Hard

Most of the general public may not feel the immediate shock waves of the manufactured ticking time bomb Congress set to go off at midnight Friday, but individuals relying the […]
Derek Pugh

Only Two Days Left: Tell Congress To Repeal The Sequester

Our month-long campaign to “disarm the austerity bomb” and repeal the sequester is gaining traction in Washington. On Monday, leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus joined our call, saying if […]
Roger Hickey

GOP Coddles the Rich; Cuts the Rest

Last week, President Obama described the sequestration situation in simple, stark terms: keep it in place and punch the middle class in the gut. Or, he suggested, soften the blow […]
Leo Gerard

What Will The Sequester Do To Your State?

For folks in Washington, sequestration is kind of like gambling with someone else’s money. (Congressional salaries are exempt, after all.) Republicans are betting that either (a) the sequester will be […]
What Will The Sequester Do To Your State?
Terrance Heath

Washington’s Stupid, Destructive Game

It’s Monday morning in America. That means we’re about to endure another week of pointless debate over the precise methods by which our federal government will impose more needless misery […]
Richard Eskow

Deficit Reduction: From Pain or from Gain?

The best way to reduce the deficit is to put people back to work. For proof, compare the U.S. and Spain.   The U.S. has witnessed slow growth since coming […]
Robert Borosage

The GOP Is Losing The Sequester Blame Game

The “sequester” is a terrible idea. It will do terrible things to the economy and the lives of millions of Americans. It was a terrible idea from the beginning, when […]
Terrance Heath

Sequester Tango: Boehner Dog-Whistling His Donors

Washington Examiner columnist Byron York is worried that the Republicans aren’t as serious about allowing the sequester to happen as he’d like them to be: In a Wall Street Journal […]

Obama Says Cuts Bad, Proposes Cuts

President Obama today warned that the “brutal” budget cuts in the looming “sequester” — the latest Republican-manufactured hostage-taking crisis — will take a “meat-cleaver” to government and cost “hundreds of […]

The Wrecking Crew Is Winning

Congress is taking this week off on the first of their spring breaks. The legislators will return to find only four days left before the first of the Republican Congress’ […]
Robert Borosage

Majority Of House Democrats Say Stop The Benefit Cuts

A majority of House Democrats have signed a House Progressive Caucus letter to President Obama opposing benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. “We write to affirm our vigorous […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Defending The Sequester

Poor Krugman.  He must be tired of trying to make people understand that austerity is the wrong prescription for the economy.  But he soldiers on.  Thank God.  This week he […]

What’s Now Happening On Federal Budget is Worse Than The Fiscal Cliff

This month’s budget breakfast group meeting was even more extraordinary than usual for one reason: The same people who typically analyze what’s ahead on the budget with remarkable precision months before it happens all basically admitted that the current situation is as complex, hard to read, an...
Stan Collender

Repealing The Sequester Is The Real Balanced Approach

After President Obama called on Congress today to postpone the deep across-the-board federal spending cuts set to kick in on March 1 in the so-called sequester, Campaign for America’s Future […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Help The Progressive Caucus Disarm The Austerity Bomb

It seemed like the threats and hostage-taking going on in DC had taken a breather. After a couple of years of crisis-to-crisis hostage-taking Republicans backed off their latest "debt-ceiling" threat to ruin the country's credit and destroy the economy.

No, The Sequester Is Not Really Going To Take Place (And Ryan Knows It)

I hope everyone understands that when Paul Ryan said they were going to leave "entitlements" alone and the sequester would take place that it was a form of political trash talk before the negotiation, right? Nobody really believes that either side will allow defense cuts of that magnitude to take pl...

Smart Talk On The Next Austerity Disaster

The United States is in the midst of the most protracted unemployment crisis in modern history, and for vast segments of the population, the recession has never ended. Wages are […]
Robert Borosage

Say It Ain’t So, Chuck: Don’t Back Down On Social Security

A report in The Hill newspaper last night suggested that Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) may be floating a proposal that includes cuts to Social Security and Medicare. If Sen. Schumer's proposal was accurately reported, the senator could not be more wrong.
Roger Hickey

Tactical Retreat In The Budget Wars

When it comes to beating back extremists, I'm all in favor of living to fight another day, so the idea of kicking the can down the road on some horrible debt deal never seems like the worst thing that could happen.
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