Who Will Lead the Anti-Trump Resistance?

As more Americans become disillusioned with Trump, a potentially transformative moment is almost certain to appear. But voters dissatisfied with the status quo and Trump’s phony populism will seek equally transformative politicians.
Richard Eskow
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Finally, A Chance to Remake the Democratic Party

For the first time in a quarter-century, we’re about to see a vacuum of political and intellectual leadership in the Democratic Party. The party will have to remake itself. The question is, as what?
Richard Eskow
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Welcome to Swamp Trump. Please Don’t Feed the Gators.

When one of the President-elect's appointments gets positive responses from the KKK and the Nazis, it's hard to focus on his other hires. But it’s important. If "personnel is policy," as Sen. Warren says, then Trump’s policy is plunder.
Richard Eskow

12 Notes From a Political Autopsy

What killed the Democrats' chances? People are still sifting through the data, but here are twelve notes from the ongoing political autopsy.
Richard Eskow

We Were All Outsiders in Trump’s America Once — Even Trump

We were all strangers once, all except the first people of this land. Some of us can’t remember that because we’re too consumed with hate, or fear, or anger, or ambition. But it’s true. We were all strangers once.
Richard Eskow

“CoreCivic”: New Name, Same For-Profit Prison Greed

CCA has now followed competitors like the “Management and Training Corporation” by adopting a name that hides its true nature. If you can't even mention your industry in your company’s name, it's probably time for a new line of work.
Richard Eskow

A Conversation on the Real Living Wage in America

A new report from the People's Action Institute documents the real cost of living in the United States. We discussed the report with its author, Allyson Fredericksen.
Richard Eskow

What Does It Take to Survive Where You Live?

How much does it take to get by where you live? It takes more than $15 per hour to earn a living wage in most states. When you throw in the rising cost of student debt, low-income Americans are even further underwater.
Richard Eskow

Tom Hayden, 1939-2016: A Life of Words and Action

Tom Hayden showed us that thought and action were not incompatible. He showed us that an awareness of the past could enrich and deepen our engagement with the present and enrich our dreams for the future.
Richard Eskow

Our Long National Debate Nightmare is Over

Trump will probably never grace a national debate stage again, so there's that. But our campaigns, and the media’s coverage, have been shortchanging voters for a long time. That's not likely to change until the public demands better.
Richard Eskow

The Last Debate: How Low Will It Go?

If voter haven’t turned on Trump by now, a campaign ad from Hillary Clinton isn’t likely to move them. Clinton could choose to “go high" instead, using the debate platform to offer uplifting proposals around the issues that matter most.
Richard Eskow

The Republicans’ Civil War – And Everyone Else’s

If they win, Democrats will need to look across our generational, racial, and gender divides, toward the concerns and causes that unite us. Republicans are fighting a civil war. But then, so are we all.
Richard Eskow

Consumers Lose, Wall Street Wins, in Right-Wing Court Ruling

Republican appointees can no longer be counted upon to uphold the law in a fair and even-handed manner. The nation is experiencing the fruits of a decades-long conservative assault on the concept of an independent judiciary.
Richard Eskow

In the First Debate, The People’s Issues Came Second

The debate was largely a clash of personalities, rather than a clash of visions for the nation’s future. In her zeal to defeat her opponent, which she clearly did, Hillary Clinton didn’t do enough to inspire and motivate her base.
Richard Eskow

Immigrants Don’t Steal Jobs or Wages. Billionaires Do.

Not all anti-immigrant arguments are based on fear, dehumanization, or inappropriate analogies. Economically vulnerable populations are often told that immigrants “take our jobs” and drag down wages. Is it true?
Richard Eskow

Wells Fargo Had a Bad Day. That’s a Start.

People looking for drama in Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf’s Senate testimony on Tuesday did not come away disappointed – even if he did not crack on the stand and admit everything like the villain in a Perry Mason episode.
Richard Eskow
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Despite Some Good Economic News, The Status Quo Is Not Enough

Should Democrats present themselves as fighters for a transformative economic vision, or as skilled managers restoring and maintaining the status quo of the last several decades? The question came up again last week.
Richard Eskow
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Al Capone, Meet Wells Fargo

Chalk it up to a culture of criminality ... Bank executives need to understand that the public’s anger is deep – and justified. If Democrats like Hillary Clinton are smart, they will grasp the depth and rationality of that anger.
Richard Eskow
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How Much Will the War On Unions Cost You This Labor Day?

The decline in union membership has probably cost you, or someone close to you, thousands of dollars in income since last Labor Day – not because of some immutable law, but because of a cultural and political war.
Richard Eskow
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Health Care Is a Right, Not a Business

The U.S. insurance industry has objectively failed to manage either the cost or quality of health care. Health care is a human right, and private insurers have failed to safeguard it. They had their shot, and they blew it.
Richard Eskow

The “People’s Fed” and the Oracles of Jackson Hole

Many of the Fed officials who met with Fed Up activists expressed support, at least in principle, for the group's goals. That's commendable. But the Fed is hamstrung by its own ambiguous structure.
Richard Eskow
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Workers of the Future, Unite

Automation will undoubtedly transform society in the future. But that's no reason to ignore the problems we're facing right now. The best way to ensure a more equitable economy tomorrow is by fighting for one today.
Richard Eskow
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The Fiscal Myth That’s Killing The Economy, In 7 Steps

This week, yet another paper reinforces our need for more government spending, not less, to repair the economy for millions of working Americans. Unfortunately, our political debate is being held back by an economic myth.
Richard Eskow
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