ALEC’s Push for a Constitutional Convention Reaches Wisconsin

A constitutional convention makes for a snappy hashtag, #ConCon. But, as GOP leaders in Idaho recently discovered, it is an impractical idea that could result in a "runaway" convention that dangerously rewrites the U.S. Constitution.
Richard Eskow
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Five Reasons Moderate Democrats Should Oppose Neil Gorsuch

Nobody’s suggesting Democrats should behave like Republicans. But it’s no longer “moderate” to pretend the rules haven’t changed. In today’s world, a vote for Gorsuch is a vote for extremism over moderation.
Richard Eskow
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‘America First’ Budget Is Unworthy of Our Nation

Donald Trump's budget blueprint aims to dazzle, but its hardness of heart is unworthy of the American people. Our country's great leaders of the past would hardly recognize it as American at all.
Richard Eskow
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Nixon, Reagan Paved Way for GOP’s Race-Charged Health Agenda

After an election filled with racist rhetoric, Republicans have proposed an agenda that will harm many black, brown, and poor Americans while helping the white and wealthy. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan pioneered this divisive strategy.
Richard Eskow
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The GOP Health Bill Is an Assault on People of Color

The Republicans' plan to overhaul health care cuts programs that help black and brown people to pay for giveaways to the wealthy. People ask if this is accidental or deliberate. Does it matter?
Richard Eskow
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CPAC and the DNC: A Party Is Not a Movement

Perez isn't the problem; power is. The Democratic Party won't change until it's confronted with a movement determined to change it, and starts to tell a story that reflects the lives of ordinary people.
Richard Eskow

Tech, Trump and Uber [video]

From online harassment to digital strikebreaking, tech is different in the age of Trump — or, more precisely, the public policy concerns raised by powerful tech companies are heightened by the administration's actions.
Richard Eskow

What Do We Know about Neil Gorsuch?

Ian Milhiser, the Think Progress justice editor, explored Trump's Supreme Court nominee in an interview that explored his background, ideology and judicial philosophy.
Richard Eskow

We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight Tom Price

Let’s protect the Affordable Care Act by doing what Democrats should have done all along: by making the case for a better health care system, and then fighting for it. That means making the case for government itself.
Richard Eskow

Trump Stands Up for Bad Bankers

Donald Trump says he represents working people, but he just tilted the scale in favor of the banks. As Trump moved to rob Americans of some basic financial protections, his choice of companions only added insult to injury.
Richard Eskow

Should Tom Price Go to Jail? Interview with Nancy Altman [video]

Should Trump nominee Tom Price be in jail for insider stock trading? Nancy Altman is an attorney with 40 years of experience in public policy, Social Security, and private pensions, so she does not ask lightly. We recently talked about it.
Richard Eskow

Booker and the Big Pharma Dems Have No Excuse. This Vote Proves It.

It’s disappointing when Democrats offer implausible excuses for their votes, as Sen. Cory Booker and twelve other senators did. It’s downright outrageous when those same Democrats claim their votes were driven by drug safety concerns.
Richard Eskow

Beyond Resistance: The Story of 2016

Democratic operatives got the story wrong ... Fortunately, the rest of the country isn’t waiting for someone else to figure it out. A national movement of resistance – and affirmation – is already underway.
Richard Eskow

Through the GOP, the Wealthy Are Waging War on the Old

If you are an older American – or if you expect to live past your early sixties – and aren’t wealthy, recent news stories may have led you to conclude that the Republican Party is at war with you. If so, you’re not wrong.
Richard Eskow

Will Trump Bring the Robot Apocalypse?

The future was supposed to bring prosperity and leisure to working people, not joblessness and misery. But that was before the money guys took over.
Richard Eskow

Who Will Lead the Anti-Trump Resistance?

As more Americans become disillusioned with Trump, a potentially transformative moment is almost certain to appear. But voters dissatisfied with the status quo and Trump’s phony populism will seek equally transformative politicians.
Richard Eskow

Finally, A Chance to Remake the Democratic Party

For the first time in a quarter-century, we’re about to see a vacuum of political and intellectual leadership in the Democratic Party. The party will have to remake itself. The question is, as what?
Richard Eskow
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