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Dr. King's Radical Revolution Of Values

Dr. King's Radical Revolution Of Values

This Monday, the nation celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. If he hadn’t been murdered, he would be 91 years old. How would Dr. King view today’s activists? The words to his “I Have a Dream” speech will be repeated from podiums and in classrooms across the...

Pandering to Deficit Hawks Is a Losing Strategy

The House Democratic leadership's obsession with asserting a “centrist” – that is, fiscally conservative - fiscal ideology threatens to put the party at odds with its base. It endangers the party’s chances of retaking the House, and will make it difficult for...

An Economy in the Fast Lane – With No Brakes

Donald Trump has been bragging about the economy a lot lately. He says the United States is now the “economic envy” of the world. Unfortunately, Trump is once again trying to reshape reality to fit his own delusions. Reality is refusing to cooperate. It’s true the...

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