Victory! Chained CPI Out Of The Obama Budget

Great news! The AP just reported that the chained CPI will not be in President Obama’s budget. This is a victory for populists who want politicians to fight for the majority of real Americans facing tough economic realities.
Roger Hickey

How Obama Sabotaged His Own Rationale for the Chained CPI

The White House is struggling to save its “chained CPI” proposal in the face of powerful opposition from across the political spectrum. But what’s already clear is that the Administration has already sabotaged its own rationale.
How Obama Sabotaged His Own Rationale for the Chained CPI
Richard Eskow

Opponents of Cuts to Social Security Converge on White House

Opponents of President Obama’s ”chained CPI” proposal to reduce cost-of-living increases in Social Security protested in front of the White House this afternoon, bringing with them boxes of petitions bearing two million signatures.
Opponents of Cuts to Social Security Converge on White House
Richard Long

For Journalists — What Is Chained-CPI?

Dear journalists: Every retired person will tell you that prices on things they buy are rising faster than their cost-of-living-adjustments. So they are falling behind. Meanwhile everyone describes the “chained-CPI” […]

Majority Of House Democrats Say Stop The Benefit Cuts

A majority of House Democrats have signed a House Progressive Caucus letter to President Obama opposing benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. “We write to affirm our vigorous […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Say It Ain’t So, Chuck: Don’t Back Down On Social Security

A report in The Hill newspaper last night suggested that Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) may be floating a proposal that includes cuts to Social Security and Medicare. If Sen. Schumer's proposal was accurately reported, the senator could not be more wrong.
Roger Hickey

Ask a Democrat: On Social Security, Which Side Are You On?

This is a moment of moral clarity. Right now there are only two sides in the Social Security debate: the side that says it's acceptable to cut benefits -- in a way that raises taxes for all income except the highest -- and the side that says it isn't.
Richard Eskow

The Liberal Scrooges

Liberals and progressives who want to cut Social Security? Democrats who want to cut one of their party’s signature achievements? “It has been done in your name, or at least […]
Richard Eskow

The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Failed. Kill It And Get Back to Work.

The so-called 'fiscal cliff' was never real. Congress and the President invented it during last year's negotiations, apparently to persuade voters that unpopular budget measures were needed to avoid a crisis.  With the collapse of John Boehner's 'Plan B,' that gambit has failed. What now?
Richard Eskow

Progressive Leaders Stand Against Social Security Cuts

Yesterday, I posted that progressive leaders in Congress are saying “No Deal” to “fiscal cliff’ deals that cut Social Security benefits while cutting the wealthy yet another break on taxes. […]
Terrance Heath

Bumping Up To Premium Catfood

Greg Sargent is reporting tha the White House says they will make sure that the Chained CPI sell-out won't hurt the most vulnerable seniors. I don't know if they are basing this on the Simpson-Bowles formula, but if they are, it's bullshit.

How Much Would A Social Security Deal Cost You

How much would you lose in benefits if President Obama makes a deal with the Republicans to cut Social Security? The Administration isn’t denying reports that just such a deal […]
Richard Eskow
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