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Nothing Left But The Dog Whistle

I wrote about the conservative movement's last breaths for Salon today: That day 15 months ago when Donald Trump descended that escalator to announce his candidacy, it was obvious to me that whether or not he won, he was going to turn the race into something we had...

The Disturbing Dawn Of The Alt-Right

I wrote about the Alt-right for Salon today. It's not exactly the same as European ethno-nationalism. It's scarier: After months of squabbling about whether it's acceptable to use the "F" word (fascism) it seems at long last that we have come to some kind of consensus...

Trump's Big Weekend

I wrote this for Salon this morning: This past week we saw an escalation in the building of Donald Trump's authoritarian campaign for president. After a tumultuous week in before in which he won big after having refused to disavow the KKK, he appeared on the debate...

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