The Democratic Wing Of The Democratic Party

The House voted on budgets yesterday and austerity won. 84 Democrats voted for the jobs and growth “Back To Work Budget” from the Congressional Progressive Caucus. 102 Democrats voted against […]

2014: The Democrats’ Dilemma

Washington has been fascinated by Republican self-laceration since the 2012 election. Karl Rove triggered a circular firing squad by vowing to take out unwashed challengers in GOP primaries. Louisiana Governor […]
Robert Borosage

Day Of Action Against The Sequester (Video)

Campaign for America’s Future, the AFL-CIO, and more than 60 national organizations today had one simple message for Congress: Repeal the sequester. Over 300,000 activists joined forces for a national […]
Derek Pugh

Paul Ryan Disses “The Help” Again

Just four months ago, Americans told the Romney-Ryan team: “No.” The electorate rejected them. Many voters objected to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan treating them the way arrogant 1 percenters treat “The Help.”
Leo Gerard

The Budget Vote: Who Stands With the Middle Class?

As early as today, the members of the House of Representatives will choose.  At a time of mass unemployment and slow growth, they will vote for more austerity or for […]
Robert Borosage

Shopping Cart Conservatism At CPAC

That conservatives at CPAC want the government to stay out of their shopping carts because it violates their personal freedom, yet champion government control of every uterus in the U.
Derek Pugh

Fight For The Only Budget Plan That Matters

Are you in or are you out? That was George Clooney’s line in Ocean’s 11. Remember? “Tell me, right here … because if you’re out you can go back to […]
Richard Eskow