Stop Trump’s Privatization Agenda

Key public services may end up in private hands under President Trump. Privatizers claim this transfer of public wealth "saves money." But it impoverishes and hurts people, which costs taxpayers more than it saves.

Trump Tax Con: Tax Cuts Steal Democracy

The Trump administration, as have all Republican administrations, is promoting tax cuts for the rich, saying they will “create growth.” Tax cuts actually force cuts in the things our government does to make our lives better.

Senator Warren Persists, We Persist

Senate Republicans silenced Elizabeth Warren when she was reading aloud a critical letter from three decades ago about Jeff Sessions during a debate over his confirmation as attorney general. She persisted.

Trump Declares TPP Still Dead. So Now What?

Though TPP was killed by a long progressive fight that resulted in it not having the votes to pass Congress, of course, he took credit for killing it himself. So now that that’s over, how should our country trade with the world?

“Corruption” Then And Now

Remember how the "news" media was going on and on about the Clinton Foundation -- at least when they weren't going on and on abut Hillary Clinton's emails, or airing entire Trump rallies for free?

Trump’s Punch Down Strategy

Trump, believe it or not, is President-elect of the United States. That is a position of great power, commanding great influence over what people think and do.
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