Save Our Financial Protections; Save the CFPB

Wall Street's business model is fraud. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was created to fight fraud. So naturally Wall Street and Republicans in Congress are trying to kill the CFPB as fast as they can.

Did Trump Attack Syria for Personal Profit?

At any other time and under any other circumstances, a standing president turning a profit on a missile strike would be the scandal of the decade. With Donald Trump in the Oval Office, we call it Monday.

The Trump Economy Myth and Job-Killing Policies

When it comes to the economy, Trump does not offer real job-creating policy, only propaganda of the moment, to be reversed as soon as it becomes convenient. What he has has actually done will undercut job and wage growth.

Did You Vote For Unfair Pay and Unsafe Workplaces?

“Fair pay and safe workplaces” sums it up. The rule, which Trump and the Republicans saw fit to repeal, stated that our government should contract with companies that have “a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics.”

Stop Trump’s Privatization Agenda

Key public services may end up in private hands under President Trump. Privatizers claim this transfer of public wealth "saves money." But it impoverishes and hurts people, which costs taxpayers more than it saves.

Trump Tax Con: Tax Cuts Steal Democracy

The Trump administration, as have all Republican administrations, is promoting tax cuts for the rich, saying they will “create growth.” Tax cuts actually force cuts in the things our government does to make our lives better.

Senator Warren Persists, We Persist

Senate Republicans silenced Elizabeth Warren when she was reading aloud a critical letter from three decades ago about Jeff Sessions during a debate over his confirmation as attorney general. She persisted.
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