Americans Are At The End of Their Ropes, Mr. Benmosche

Someone should tell AIG CEO Robert Benmosche that unless he's hanging from the end of a rope, he's not being lynched. Americans are at the end of their ropes, because the wealthy got bailed out while the rest of us got left out.
Terrance Heath

Beyond the Pale: “Too Big to Jail”

The U.S. Attorney last week confirmed Americans’ fears about Wall Street. The banks, Eric Holder said, were not just too big to fail, they were also too big to jail. […]
Leo Gerard

Sen. Merkley Blasts Too Big to Jail Policy on Big Banks

Senator Jeff Merkley, one of the handful of independent stalwarts on bank reform, today blasted the Attorney General for the Justice Department’s apparent policy of giving big bankers a “get […]
Robert Borosage

Big Banker Bill Harrison’s Bogus Brief For Broken Big Banks

Every day we rise and tell ourselves this will be a good day, free of that unique combination of predation, self-pity, mediocrity and disingenousness which characterizes the modern bank executive. And every day somebody proves us wrong.
Richard Eskow

Forget Raj Too Big to Fail is Still Too Big to Jail

Some of the headlines about the conviction of hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam are misleading or just plain wrong. The Rajaratnam guilty verdict won’t “change the way Wall Street does […]
Richard Eskow