Will The GOP Get Away With Its Economic Sabotage?

Republicans smell an election opportunity – but only if they can keep the economy down, jobs down and wages down. Republicans are betting that voters will blame the "party in power," which means the party of the president.

Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Taking Off

Three decades ago the divestment movement help bring down apartheid. Today a new generation of activists is using divestment to bring down fossil fuel companies wrecking the climate.
Bill Scher
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Can Executive Action Save The Climate?

John Podesta wrote the book on advancing policy through executive action, and now he's inside the White House. Will his climate plan now go in effect, and is it enough?
Bill Scher
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There Sure Are A Lot of Clowns in This Car

Republicans must have gotten tired of being called the "do-nothing" Congress because they got right to work following an extended vacation. By "work," I mean "passing pointless legislation."
There Sure Are A Lot of Clowns in This Car
Trevor Davis
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ALEC Demands Lawmakers Pledge Allegiance – to ALEC

ALEC asked its lawmakers to forsake their oaths of office and swear fidelity instead to the organization that wines, dines, indulges and indoctrinates them with buckets full of corporate cash.
Leo Gerard
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State “Stink Tanks” Exposed

There is a certain credibility that comes from academic-sounding "studies" and "reports" from actual "institutes." But in this case the self-serving "reports" come from what appear to be corporate PR and lobbying firms, not real think tanks.

The Yellen Hearing: Dreams, Reality, and the Fed

The crash of 2008 cost our economy as much as $14 trillion, long-term unemployment is at record highs - and Republicans kept asking the nominee for Federal Reserve Chair when the Fed would stop trying to do anything about it.
The Yellen Hearing: Dreams, Reality, and the Fed
Richard Eskow
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Something’s Happening Here: The Minimum-Wage Wave

Voters in the state of New Jersey and the city of Tacoma, Washington voted to increase the minimum wage in last week’s election. Something's happening here that can't be ignored.
Richard Eskow
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Jobs Report: The Tragedy Continues

The October jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed an economy that is going nowhere. The jobs calamity continues with no relief in sight. Congressional budget negotiations must focus address the jobs crisis.
Robert Borosage
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Don’t Kill Filibuster, Make Them Talk

The current filibuster rules are being used to thwart the will of We the People. Republicans have abused it to obstruct everything. The solution is not to not kill the filibuster. Just make them talk.

This is Not the “American Center”

We wrote an extended piece, available at AlterNet and Salon, on a new poll funded by Esquire magazine and NBC News which claims to have discovered the existence of something called “the New American Center.”
Richard Eskow
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Debunking the Spin: Voters Want Change, Not “Centrism”

“To a hammer,” the saying says, “everything looks like a nail.” To the Beltway insiders who push corporate-friendly “bipartisanship,” every election proves that voters really want to be governed by elites from both parties. Forget it.
Richard Eskow
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Let’s Hear It for Taxes

Joshua Holland offers an important counterpoint to today's slanted political dialogue with his essay on "the high cost of low taxes." Washington’s obsession with tax cuts and deficit reduction is distracting the American people.
Richard Eskow
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Does German Export Dependence Hurt World Economy?

Germany's economy, like China's, is geared toward exports. They engineer their economy in ways that bring in money from other countries, and then complain that those countries aren't cutting back enough. Are they just smarter than us?

Leo Gerard Progressive Champion Award

“Not one progressive group, including the labor movement, is going to be able to change the direction of the country on their own.” - United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard

Big New Senate Push For Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturing jobs are important to any economy. But for some time our country has been neglecting manufacturing in favor of the financial sector. This week Senate Democrats introduced a package of 40 bills in an effort to turn this around.
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