Private Wealth, Public Squalor: America’s Dilemma

America is plagued by too much public squalor and too much private wealth. Partisan obstruction blocks even modest reform. Americans will continue to struggle until they force a new politics.
Robert Borosage
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The Hidden Story Behind Student Loan Debt

President Obama's executive order on student loan payment caps brought student debt to the news this week. Here are some of the budget trade-offs we could make to help Millenials attain higher education without burgeoning student loan debt.

Standards Scolds Are Getting Us Nowhere

Support for the Common Core is eroding away, and you have to wonder what the Obama administration and a significant wing of the education establishment are going to be left with.
Jeff Bryant
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GOP Overlords Rule with Handcuffs

GOP hardliners believe the North Carolina House Speaker speaks, and everybody else shuts up and listens. They are overlords self-empowered to muzzle and handcuff those who disagree.
Leo Gerard
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What Frightens The Right Should Empower Progressives

The "Young Gun" authors of the new conservative manifesto "Room to Grow" never mention the progressive labors and popular struggles that created the first-ever middle-class nation. But the Populist Majority must.
Harvey J Kaye
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The May Jobs Report: The Unexceptional and Unacceptable Normal

Jobs were up 217,000, as predicted, a rate that won't reduce the nearly 20 million Americans in need of full-time work, and won't boost wages to meet the rising prices of necessities. It's a snapshot. But it isn't sunny.
Robert Borosage
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The Risk For Republicans In Fighting The Cap On Carbon

With the EPA out strong with a creative rule designed to avoid negative economic impact, and with sharp prebuttals against attacks about lost jobs and higher bills, Republicans may want to take heed before overplaying their hand.
Bill Scher
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Income Growth is Not Quite What Robert Samuelson Implies

Robert Samuelson is correct that income inequality in the US today is nothing like it was in the 1920s, because of the social welfare state. However his column is somewhat misleading on the income gains for middle- and low-income families.
Dean Baker
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The Real Piketty Scandal (Is Right-Wing Deception)

The Right wasted no time seizing the opportunity the Financial Times gave them to discredit Thomas Piketty's book on wealth inequality, but felt no responsibility to amend their words when new information came to light.
Richard Eskow
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