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The ‘Secret Sauce’ For Southern Organizing

Hometown Action is the youngest and scrappiest member of the People's Action national grassroots network. Barely two years old, this Alabama grassroots group was on the front page of newspapers around the world when they helped lead protests against the state's...

Trump Hates Farmers

Have you noticed how often Donald Trump prefaces his comments and tweets with phrases like “frankly,” “to tell the truth,” and “believe me”? More than a verbal tic, these qualifiers subliminally admit that being frank, truthful, and believable are not normal for him....

It’s Green and It’s a New Deal

I’m from Lone Tree, Iowa - a town of about 1,300 in the eastern part of our state. Our Senator, Joni Ernst, has attacked the Green New Deal multiple times. She says it’s “radical,” “It will destroy jobs,” “It will hinder our strong ag industry,” and “It’s a far-left...

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