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Criminal Justice

There’s No Turning Back New York’s Wave Of Justice

A blue wave surged across New York State last November, as voters went to the ballot box to demand true progressives represent them in Albany. This unprecedented voter turnout helped create an undeniable Democratic majority in our state legislature for the first time...

I’m Living Proof The CARE Act Will Save Lives

To save lives from our opioid epidemic, we have to meet drug users where they are. I know: I’m living proof. My name is Jerad Halcott, and I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. At ten, I was huffing prescription drugs, then I moved on to stronger stuff. At fifteen,...

Alabama Won’t Roll Over To The Rising Tide Of Hate

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey just signed the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the country. Doctors now face up to 99 years in prison for offering to end pregnancies, with nearly no exceptions - including cases of incest and rape. Once again, the people of Alabama...

The Death Penalty Is Getting Crueler

For years, most of the U.S. has been changing death penalty laws in the direction of phasing it out, or at least applying it in a more humane way. In 2002, the Supreme Court ruled that people with intellectual disabilities cannot be executed. In 2005, another ruling...

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