The Best of The Worst of the Right-Wing in 2013

From the second inauguration of Barack Obama to the latest skirmish in the “War on Christmas,” a steady stream of outrageousness flowed from the American right this year. Here are the best of the worst of the right-wing in 2013.
Terrance Heath
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Pledge to Tell Congress: End The Sequester

Sign a promise to join the Campaign for America’s Future and eight other groups representing millions of Americans in a campaign to get rid of the sequester on December 12.
Derek Pugh
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CBO Director To Budget Committee: Stop Making It Worse

The budget conference committee meets this week to hammer out a "bipartisan compromise," before kamikaze conservatives” pull the economy into another nosedive. CBO Director Doug Elmendorf has some advice:
Terrance Heath
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Softening The Sequester

It is a bit worrying that the White House has to explain virtually every day now that just because it sounds like White House officials and the president are putting entitlements on the chopping block doesn't mean they really are doing it.
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Sequestration Takes The Economy Hostage

In Spanish, "sequester" literally means to kidnap someone, or take someone hostage. This fall, Republicans want to use the sequester to take the economy hostage again.
Terrance Heath
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Is Obama’s Budget a Misguided Mission Statement?

The President's budget is less a blueprint for government than a statement of purpose from the administration. In this divided government, it is already “dead on arrival.” For all of its volumes and detail, it is at best a list of priorities. And there it is distinctively disappointing.
Robert Borosage
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A Budget Compromise On Kids

The negative effects of ratcheting up security measures on schools are multifaceted. Studies conducted where is widespread presence of armed guards and security in schools have found that these measures lead to more students being pushed out of school and into the criminal justice system.
Jeff Bryant
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The Sinking American Electorate: Young And In Peril

Millennials – the largest, best educated, and most diverse generation in our nation’s history – have one question for Democrats seeking election in 2014: Do your values really reflect ours? […]
Derek Pugh
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How Do The Republicans Save Face?

Jonathan Chait flagged this quote from Eric Cantor today and came up with an interesting theory as to why he said it: Mr. Cantor complained that the president, while insisting […]
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Can The GOP Love Itself, Or Anybody Else?

“Honey, if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?…..Can I get an amen?” — RuPaul One of the most interesting things about the focus on […]
Terrance Heath
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GOP Suffers Big Yellow Taxi Syndrome

Republicans are suffering grievously from the syndrome that singer Joni Mitchell memorialized in the hit “Big Yellow Taxi” in 1970. The chorus says it all: Don’t it always seem to […]
Leo Gerard
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After Sequester, Will We Stop The Next Fung Wah?

This week our federal government effectively shut down the Fung Wah bus company.. Fung Wah had a loyal customer following because it was ridiculously dirt-cheap, $15 one-way from New York […]
After Sequester, Will We Stop The Next Fung Wah?
Bill Scher
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Sequester Hurts The Troops

The next time your Republican representative says they support the troops, laugh and call them a liar because they obviously don’t care enough to make sure the men and women […]
Ben Johnson
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Day Of Action Against The Sequester (Video)

Campaign for America’s Future, the AFL-CIO, and more than 60 national organizations today had one simple message for Congress: Repeal the sequester. Over 300,000 activists joined forces for a national […]
Derek Pugh
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Think Bold On Jobs: A $1 Trillion Transportation Plan

One of the consequences of the federal spending sequester now in place is that $4 billion is being cut this year from transportation and infrastructure programs, according to House Transportation […]
Isaiah J. Poole
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Addiction, Recovery, and The Sequester

It was only a matter of time. As the debate over the sequester’s damaging, “just plain dumb,” across-the-board cuts ramped up, I just knew someone on the right would attempt […]
Terrance Heath
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Renew The American Commitment To Opportunity

A current debate raging among policy makers is whether America’s dysfunctional education system has created our sick economy – or whether the country’s sick economy has created widespread poverty with […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 60

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Fix the Debt

As sequester cuts start to bite a little harder, the Fix the Debt gang is pushing for a “grand bargain,” deep cuts to earned benefit programs like Social Security and […]
Mary Bottari
  • 72

Why The Sequester Really Happened (Hint It Has Nothing To Do With The Deficit)

How did the sequester happen? How is it possible that what supposedly was the worst possible way to cut the deficit somehow became what actually happened? Over the weekend Ezra Klein, in a much retweeted blog post that was the talk of large parts of the political blogosphere, said that the GOP was n...
Stan Collender
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Left and Right Agree: Cut The Pentagon

You wouldn’t know it from the shopping list drawn up for the Pentagon by defense hawks in Congress, but we’re long past the days of contending with a global superpower […]
Ben Johnson
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Sequester Cuts To Scientific Research Hurt Job Growth

President Obama’s State of the Union address highlighted the importance of keeping medical and scientific research fully funded by the federal government. “Now is the time to reach a level […]
Ben Johnson
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Washington: Into the Vast Inane

Someone asked the Master about the principles of … traveling into the vast inane. – From the Bao Pu Zi, AD 320, Joseph Needham, Science and Civilization in China Welcome […]
Robert Borosage
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The High Price of “Just Plain Dumb” Sequester Cuts

The Truth and Consequences of Sequestration, Pt. 2 Earlier I wrote that truth about the sequester is that White House prescribed it as antidote to the “fever” that had driven […]
Terrance Heath
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Sequester: The Finger on the Trigger

Today is the day the package of budget cuts they call the “Sequester” takes effect. There will be endless postmortems and realtime analyses. But as its draconian effects, there’s one […]
Richard Eskow
  • 250

Putting A Foot Down: The Sequester And The Tarheel State

In the last several years, new economic terms have entered the American lexicon. Debt ceiling, fiscal cliff, sequestration. Well, we reached a deal on the first one, though it lowered […]
Richard Long
  • 69

Sequester’s Impact: Destroying the American Brand

The simple truth is, as individuals and a nation we pay most for what we value most. Conservatives in Congress have made it clear that they value corporations and the […]
Derek Pugh
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