Would You Trust Henry Kissinger with Your Social Security?

The Peterson Foundation has added Henry Kissinger to a list of defense experts who declare that the federal debt is the "single biggest threat to our national security." But consider Kissinger's own threats to our global well-being.
Richard Eskow

Medicare Ratings Of Medicare Advantage Plans A Farce

Cigna was sanctioned by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for conduct that "poses a serious threat to the health and safety of Medicare beneficiaries." So why does it keep its favorable star rating?
Diane Archer

Don’t Trust Donald Trump On Social Security

Donald Trump has attracted attention for being the rare Republican who doesn't promise to cut Social Security. But that doesn't mean you should trust him on Social Security.
Bill Scher

Why Hillary Clinton’s Five Words On Social Security Matter

Her most declarative statement to date on the issue of where she would stand on various proposals to "reform" Social Security and ensure its long-term solvency comes in the context of a disconcerting history.
Isaiah J. Poole

The GOP’s Anti-Elderly, Pro-Billionaire Agenda

The GOP isn’t openly presenting itself as the anti-elderly party. But its leading presidential candidates are pushing cuts to Social Security, and its budgets would end Medicare as we know it.
Richard Eskow

The Populist Agenda: The Fight for a Just Society

The obstacles faced by the progressive movement aren’t news to anybody who's been paying attention. But recent developments may also stir an unfamiliar sensation in the liberally minded observer: optimism.
Richard Eskow

The Surprise Issue of the 2016 Election?

Will Hillary Clinton embrace her party's growing call to increase Social Security benefits? It's not an extreme idea, or even a particularly “leftist” one. In fact, it was a key part of the Republican platform – in 1956.
Richard Eskow

Social Security: The Anti-Populist Empire Strikes Back

The latest attack on Social Security comes from a “libertarian” finance writer, an editor for the National Review and – inevitably – the editorial board of the Washington Post. But there's a struggle among Democrats, too.
Richard Eskow

Your Retirement Needs To Be Protected From These Predators

In the latest hearing of their "Middle Class Prosperity Project," Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Elijah Cummings hear how some financial advisers enrich themselves by imperiling the retirement of their clients.
Richard Long

Will Social Security Decide Maryland’s Senate Race?

It comes down to this question: Are these Democrats committed to ensuring that retired working people can live in dignity and financial security? That's become a litmus test for their commitment to the American majority.
Richard Eskow

The Real Social Security Crisis Is Income Inequality

The huge transfer of income and wealth from the middle class to the top 1 percent is not just a moral issue, but also a huge economic issue that affects Social Security to a significant degree, Sen. Bernie Sanders points out.
Richard Long

A Tax Holiday Has Begun For the 1 Percent

The top one percent of working Americans only pay Social Security tax on the wages they earn during the first six weeks of the year. The rest of the year is a tax holiday. Is that fair?
Diane Archer

The Federal Reserve Board and Social Security Disability

The Republican Congress, making overhauling the Social Security disability program one of its first orders of business, put in place a rule change that would make it difficult to address a projected funding shortfall.
Dean Baker

On Tuesday, Will Obama Stand Up for Social Security?

Unexpectedly fierce Republican attacks on Social Security offer the president an opportunity to set the political tone for the next two years. During the State of the Union we'll see whether he seizes that opportunity.
Richard Eskow

The Human Cost of the GOP’s Social Security Assault

Who bears the human cost of Republican hostility to this popular and vital program? Today it's the disabled. If they succeed, tomorrow it will be America's seniors. But we'll all pay, one way or another.
Richard Eskow
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