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Americans have endured five long years of hardship, stagnant wages and slow growth in the post-recession economy. Enough is enough.

Join Campaign for America’s Future and eight other groups representing millions of Americans in a campaign to get rid of the sequester on December 12. Sign this pledge to call your member of Congress and give them a simple message: End the sequester.

Washington needs to abandon failed austerity policies and work towards rebuilding our economy by getting people back to work. An all-too-logical place to start is by repealing the sequester.

The sequester—designed to be so abhorrent neither side would adopt it in the first place—is self-defeating fiscal policy. The cuts will cost the economy over a million jobs and stunt growth. The arbitrary cuts take from our most vulnerable and lay off hundreds of thousands of workers. That is not right. When people don't work, they can't buy. When they can't buy, the economy can't grow. Repealing it is common sense.

The majority of economist and Americans agree it’s a bad idea. CEO’s and Wall Street bankers don’t even support it. We have already fixed our immediate budgetary crisis and paid for the sequester. Congress created the sequester and they can end it.

Budget negotiations are happening right now. This is our best chance to free the economy from the grips of madness and end widespread misery.

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