Starving Them Out: Food Stamps and The GOP’s War On The Poor

The GOP’s hostility towards the poor and unfortunate has become an all-out “war on the poor.” The consequences of the painful cuts to food stamps taking effect today offer a glimpse of the casualties and collateral damage to come.
Terrance Heath

It’s All Over, Until Next Time

Remember in 2009, when Jim DeMint said health care reform would be President Obama's Waterloo? Four years later, defunding health care reform became the GOP's Alamo. But Republicans aren't done damaging their party, or the rest of the country, yet.
Terrance Heath

Get Your GOP Hands Off My Medicare

The GOP threw the Keep-Your-Hands-Off-My-Medicare Tea Partiers under the bus. And the guy who shoved first was Tea Party darling Paul Ryan who proposed that House Republicans forget about defunding the Affordable Care Act and cut Medicare instead.
Leo Gerard

Misdeal: Setting up the Next Showdown for January

With America on the verge of defaulting on its debts, Senator leaders are reportedly near a deal. It ends the Tea Party's hostage crisis, but schedules the next one only three months from now.
Robert Borosage

WWII Vets Don’t Agree With Michele Bachmann

Maybe today's Republicans don't know that the Greatest Generation went through the depression and WWII, and their president throughout both was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, not Ronald Reagan.
WWII Vets Don’t Agree With Michele Bachmann

Madman Theory

The idea that the President did something wily by refusing to defund Obamacare is pretty funny. If anyone's done anything wily, it's the Republicans who deployed Nixon's madman theory. It seem to have persuaded the Democratic establishment.

The GOP Fights a Civil War As the Economy Hangs in the Balance

Tea Party Republicans have been endangering the economy, and some people are becoming unhappy. Now the GOP appears to be facing a showdown between ideological purity and self-interest. Who do you root for in that conflict?
Richard Eskow

End Game: John Boehner Doesn’t Even Have to Cave

Seven days into a government shutdown, and 9 days away from a potentially catastrophic breach of the nation’s debt limit, and the question everyone is asking is: who will blink first?
Joshua Holland

Time For Speaker Boehner to Let The House Speak For Itself

At least 23 House Republicans and 200 Democrats would vote for a "clean" continuing resolution that would allow federal agencies to reopen without preconditions. But House Speaker John Boehner is refusing to allow that vote.
Isaiah J. Poole

Can Senate Democrats Prevent Disaster?

It's great that Senate Democrats are working on a plan to prevent financial disaster, but Americans would rather see Republicans end this economic hostage taking, and stop using our economy as a pawn in their political games.

A Revolutionary Change Of Revolutionaries

Whatever happens with the current shutdown and various hostage negotiations, the fundamental definition of the Republicans as the de facto competent party --- the proverbial grown-ups --- has probably finally been shattered.

The Sabotage of Democracy

Newt Gingrich issued a call to arms to his fellow bomb-throwers: “Don’t cave on shutdown.” At least let’s name this for what it is: sabotage of the democratic process. And let’s be clear about where such reckless ambition leads.
Bill Moyers

Testing GOP Resolve

Sorting out the allegedly "moderate" GOP Senators is a good place to start the week. The dynamic may very well be different from the House, where certain Republicans hate the shutdown, but aren't rushing to end it. Let's test this in the senate too.

Forget About the Tourists, Worry About the Workers

The government shutdown is revealing how easily distracted we are by shiny objects. Tourist sites are important, but they fail to capture the economic pain that ordinary Americans, and especially the poor, will feel if the shutdown drags on.
Joshua Holland

What Do They Really Want, Part XXIV

Remember when we all assumed that sequestration could never hold and they'd just have to pull the plug and negotiate a reasonable budget when the going got tough? Yeah, that's worked out for us.

Republicans Win Standoff, Shoot Hostages Anyway

In this high-stakes standoff, John Boehner and the Republican leadership got everything in the budget that they wanted. Then they started shooting hostages anyway.
Republicans Win Standoff, Shoot Hostages Anyway
Richard Eskow

This Is Not A Compromise.

Over the weekend, House Republicans approved a so-called compromise to avoid a government shutdown. However, their idea of negotiation was nothing more than ridiculous, right-wing demands they included in the continuing resolution.

How The “Magic Asterisk” Caused The Shutdown

If you want to understand how we got to the point of a government shutdown, ask any Republican exactly what they would cut from the budget, and ask them to give actual dollar amounts of how much money that would "save."

A Formula to Fight the Shutdown

President Obama’s mantra, and that of Hill Democrats, could become a simple one: “We’ll work with the Republicans, but we won’t accept anything that threatens our nation’s health, homes, jobs, or our justice.”
Richard Eskow

The Shutdown Opportunity For Senate Democrats

The Obamacare defunding is misdirection -- Republicans don't want people thinking about the terrible, economy-killing cuts they are demanding. The public hates this and wants their government. Senate Dems should give the public what they want.

This Year’s Budget Fight Isn’t About The Budget

There are many reasons why the next budget fight will be more difficult than any of the close-to-debacles that have occurred in recent years. This year the biggest complication is that the budget fight isn't about the budget. It's about Obamacare.
Stan Collender

How Progressives Prepare For The Economic Debates Ahead

As Congress prepares to turn to a high-stakes budget battle, author David Cay Johnston and Progressive Caucus co-chairman Rep. Keith Ellison advise progressives on what it will take to win.
Isaiah J. Poole

Don’t Let Republicans Make The Economy Even Worse!

Congress returns this week, and Republican obstruction of efforts to help jobs and the economy will continue. Their threats to shut down the government and blow up the debt ceiling will make the economy even worse. We have to stop them.

Fresh Hell When Congress Returns

What fresh hell is this? When Congress returns Republicans are going to try their damndest to shut down the government over Obamacare. After that they will cross the Styx, and threaten to explode the world economy. How much damage will they do?
Fresh Hell When Congress Returns