The Bipartisan Budget Deal Blues

Don't believe the hype. The 1,582-page budget deal may be a return to bipartisan compromise and "regular order," but it punts on addressing the vital needs of this country. It continues austerity, while starving vital investments.
Robert Borosage

The Great American Class War: Plutocracy Versus Democracy

We are this close -- this close! -- to losing our democracy to the mercenary class. So close it’s as if we’re leaning way over the rim of the Grand Canyon waiting for a swift kick in the pants.
Bill Moyers

A Small Victory: For Now, Hands Off Social Security

Credit goes to progressives who made calls, signed petitions and showed up at rallies to tell Congress to not cut Social Security and Medicare as part of any budget deal. "You all stood up and backed them down."
Richard Long

The Modest Bargain

It's a tiny deal, which is always better than a big deal when you're dealing with these Republicans. But large spending cuts remain the bipartisan objective of the budget as far as the eye can see.

The Budget Misdeal: An Agreement That Solves Nothing

The budget deal announced yesterday in Washington offers temporary relief from budget crisis, hostage-taking, government shutdowns. But it does nothing to deal with the problems the country faces. And the reasons for that are clear.
Robert Borosage

Seeking Rents And Magic Misdirection

For a lot of people, government is seen as a simple tool to take their money and give it to people who don't "deserve" it. That's how these ideas are sold to the people --- by appealing to their baser natures.

A Little Light in the Dark Corridors of Power

Four and a half years after the "recovery" began, economic pain remains widespread. Yet the Washington/Wall Street tell Americans, "Have patience." Now, Larry Summers suggests a core economic assumption of the American elite might be dead wrong.
Jeff Faux

Pledge to Tell Congress: End The Sequester

Sign a promise to join the Campaign for America’s Future and eight other groups representing millions of Americans in a campaign to get rid of the sequester on December 12.
Derek Pugh

For Democrats, a Tax-the-Rich Road to Victory

There is an opportunity to shift the budget debate to an area where Democrats hold the high ground. But it will be a challenge for some Democrats to take the initiative on a subject they seem reluctant to discuss. The subject is taxes.
Richard Eskow

Ryan Gets 700,000 ‘No’ Votes on Social Security Cuts

We helped deliver a petition to House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan signed by more than 700,000 people calling for "no grand bargain in exchange for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts."
Isaiah J. Poole

CBO Director To Budget Committee: Stop Making It Worse

The budget conference committee meets this week to hammer out a "bipartisan compromise," before kamikaze conservatives” pull the economy into another nosedive. CBO Director Doug Elmendorf has some advice:
Terrance Heath

The Budget Debate: The 60% Solution

Another month, another budget crisis. This time, Republicans can't afford to shut the government down again. And Americans don't buy what Republicans are peddling. Democrats would do well to stand strong for the vast majority.
Robert Borosage

The Grand Bargain Was Not Conceived As A Budget Negotiation

Just a reminder here that the Grand Bargain was not conceived as a "deal" between the Republicans and Democrats to cut the "entitlements" in exchange for some "revenue." That's the "Balanced Approach" set forth by the President in the 2012 campaign.

A Four-Point “Scorecard” for the Budget Talks

The House-Senate budget negotiations are scheduled to begin on Wednesday. How will we know whether they are looking out for the public’s interests? This four-point document is an excellent place to start.
Richard Eskow