Education ‘Reformers’ Have Lost Their PR War, So Now What?

Despite nearly a generation of browbeating and finger wagging, the efforts of the 'education reform' campaign have completely and utterly failed. Popular opinion appears to be more behind public schools than ever. So now what?
Jeff Bryant

Good People Don’t Get Good Jobs

A mounting army of workers worries incessantly and survives only because of government and family assistance. CEOs and corporations gorge themselves on profits made on the suffering of workers trapped in this life of frightening instability
Leo Gerard

Student Protests Are A Bigger Deal Than You Think

When high school students across a suburban Denver school district walked out of classes to protest a history curriculum, it quickly became national news. But the story has now widened into a much larger controversy.
Jeff Bryant

What’s The Matter With Kansas Education Policy?

Left-leaning people have been warned to pay attention to how conservative politics in the heartland resonate into national trends. This dynamic is especially acute in education.
Jeff Bryant

Back To Schools White People Cannot See

As the season for new school openings rolls out, there are reasons for a new consciousness-raising about those schools that can be brought about when there's a shock to the system like Ferguson, Mo.
Jeff Bryant

Character Change In The ‘Education Reform’ Soap Opera

Michelle Rhee's resignation from the organization she founded, StudentsFirst, is an alteration of a script already written by very wealthy people who’ve created an elaborate fiction for how the nation should educate its children
Jeff Bryant

‘Better Than Republicans’ Not Good Enough For Education

New interviews with leading voices in the progressive education movement have brought to light how policy compromises forged by centrist Democrats have enabled truly bad consequences for public education. Progressives are saying "enough"
Jeff Bryant

The Truth About The New Orleans School Reform Model

Having an honest discussion about education policy usually means questioning what policy leaders and their scribes in the press are foisting off as "information." Take New Orleans as an example.
Jeff Bryant

Education ‘Reform’ Loses The Netroots

For those whose white-hot enthusiasm for presidential politics may be dampened by the inevitability of a Hillary Clinton candidacy, there may be no more promising alternative channel than the raging fight for public education.
Jeff Bryant

Waking Up To Our Broken Education Policies

Those tempted to jump into the fray of the education debate should be aware they're late to the scene and way behind the narrative. Grievances with adequate, equitable funding and lack of democratic control are driving the debate.
Jeff Bryant

Democratic Party’s Divide On Education Policy Gets Worse

The Democratic Party’s divergence from progressive values for governing our schools mostly went unnoticed in major media outlets until recently. Now clear divides within the party compel candidates and their supporters to choose sides
Jeff Bryant

The Cost Of Leaving Educators Off The Education Agenda

As too few of the expectations of the policy wonks in D.C. seem to catch hold in schools and classrooms, what certainly has ‘trickled down’ is the attitude that the voices of teachers don’t matter much.
Jeff Bryant

Will Anyone Stop Charter School Corruption?

Recent reports from several states reveal a cavalcade of charter school corruption. Yet lawmakers around the country are proposing and enacting new policies to feed more children into the charter chain pipeline.
Jeff Bryant

Dirty Secret In The Education Wars: Money Matters

The dirty, little secret is that spending more money on schools is what most people really want – and for good reason. Yet what we’ve been seeing is a 'reform' agenda that emphasizes anything but.
Jeff Bryant

Standards Scolds Are Getting Us Nowhere

Support for the Common Core is eroding away, and you have to wonder what the Obama administration and a significant wing of the education establishment are going to be left with.
Jeff Bryant

Bankrupted By Student Debt, And Fighting For Change

A former student was among the people calling for Senate passage of a bill that would enable those like her to get lower rates on their loans. Call 202-517-2321 to let your senator know that you agree.
Kitty Lan

Education Accountability We Can Believe In

For years, education policy has been obsessed with outcomes like scores on standardized tests while focusing less on the inputs into our children’s schooling. It’s time for alternatives to this mindless direction.
Jeff Bryant

Who Betrayed The Legacy Of Brown v. Board?

Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education, today’s political leaders engage in grand gestures of "progress" while taking deliberate actions to increase racial inequity.
Jeff Bryant

New Warren Bill Addresses Student Debt “Emergency”

Student loan debt is now approaching $2 trillion – talk about a bubble waiting to burst. "It doesn't have to be this way," Sen. Elizabeth Warren says as she introduces the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act.
Derek Pugh

High Stakes In The Senate Student Debt Fight

Inaction on Congress’ part in tackling college affordability and other issues young adults care about has led many to distance themselves from the political process altogether, with only 23 percent certain to vote this November.
Derek Pugh

Parental Advice To Education Policy Makers

Current education policies are misaligned with parenting and the role it plays in child development, achievement and school governance. Policies have forgotten the parenting part of schools. We need to get it back.
Jeff Bryant

Are Teacher Evaluations Education ‘Reform’s’ Biggest Bust?

This week, a key underpinning to the whole teacher evaluation program pushed by the Obama administration was cast into doubt. These new schemes are doing great harm to teachers and, consequentially, the students in their charge.
Jeff Bryant

Test Season Reveals America’s Biggest Failures

It’s testing season in America, and despite of how students do, it’s clear who is already flunking the exams: Major media outlets and an entrenched education regime that’s prevailed in policy making for over 30 years.
Jeff Bryant
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