Will Anyone Stop Charter School Corruption?

Recent reports from several states reveal a cavalcade of charter school corruption. Yet lawmakers around the country are proposing and enacting new policies to feed more children into the charter chain pipeline.
Jeff Bryant

Dirty Secret In The Education Wars: Money Matters

The dirty, little secret is that spending more money on schools is what most people really want – and for good reason. Yet what we’ve been seeing is a 'reform' agenda that emphasizes anything but.
Jeff Bryant

Standards Scolds Are Getting Us Nowhere

Support for the Common Core is eroding away, and you have to wonder what the Obama administration and a significant wing of the education establishment are going to be left with.
Jeff Bryant

Bankrupted By Student Debt, And Fighting For Change

A former student was among the people calling for Senate passage of a bill that would enable those like her to get lower rates on their loans. Call 202-517-2321 to let your senator know that you agree.
Kitty Lan

Education Accountability We Can Believe In

For years, education policy has been obsessed with outcomes like scores on standardized tests while focusing less on the inputs into our children’s schooling. It’s time for alternatives to this mindless direction.
Jeff Bryant

Who Betrayed The Legacy Of Brown v. Board?

Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education, today’s political leaders engage in grand gestures of "progress" while taking deliberate actions to increase racial inequity.
Jeff Bryant

New Warren Bill Addresses Student Debt “Emergency”

Student loan debt is now approaching $2 trillion – talk about a bubble waiting to burst. "It doesn't have to be this way," Sen. Elizabeth Warren says as she introduces the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act.
Derek Pugh

High Stakes In The Senate Student Debt Fight

Inaction on Congress’ part in tackling college affordability and other issues young adults care about has led many to distance themselves from the political process altogether, with only 23 percent certain to vote this November.
Derek Pugh

Parental Advice To Education Policy Makers

Current education policies are misaligned with parenting and the role it plays in child development, achievement and school governance. Policies have forgotten the parenting part of schools. We need to get it back.
Jeff Bryant

Are Teacher Evaluations Education ‘Reform’s’ Biggest Bust?

This week, a key underpinning to the whole teacher evaluation program pushed by the Obama administration was cast into doubt. These new schemes are doing great harm to teachers and, consequentially, the students in their charge.
Jeff Bryant

Test Season Reveals America’s Biggest Failures

It’s testing season in America, and despite of how students do, it’s clear who is already flunking the exams: Major media outlets and an entrenched education regime that’s prevailed in policy making for over 30 years.
Jeff Bryant

A ‘Fair Shot’ Agenda For Education

Democrats left K-12 education out of its "Fair Shot" agenda. But if they want a fair shot at economic success for all workers, Democrats need to press for a fair shot at education for all students.
Jeff Bryant

How Education ‘Reform’ Perpetuates Racial Disparity

The media noticed new data showing that a child’s education destiny is strongly determined by race. But few people bothered to ask how and why overt racial disparity came about – and what to do to change it.
Jeff Bryant

$1 Billion In Tax Dollars To Miseducate Our Children

The right-wing push for private school vouchers is leading to taxpayer subsidies of education that can be more damaging to children and our society than any shortcomings of public schools. We need a movement to stop it.
Isaiah J. Poole

Extremists In The Education Debate

New extremists in the education debate represent a mindset unwilling to fight things out on a democratic playing field, no matter how unlevel. Instead, they aim to eliminate the playing field altogether
Jeff Bryant

Free Higher Education Is a Human Right

I believe the moment will come, perhaps very soon, when we as a society will ask ourselves: How can we deny a higher education to any young person in this country just because she or he can’t afford it?
Richard Eskow

Tackling Student Debt and the Privatization of Education

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has kicked off a new campaign called “Higher Ed, Not Debt” to tackle the nation’s staggering burden of student loan debt. It's part of a larger battle over education in America from pre-kindergarten up.
Joshua Holland

Mayor De Blasio Is Right About Charter Schools

This is what the debate about education policy – and charter schools – so often comes to: So much sturm und drang about a favored trinket from the "education reform" tool box while matters of more importance get neglected or abused.
Jeff Bryant

Know Who Is “Cashing In On Kids”

In the Public Interest and the American Federation of Teachers offer progressive education activists a new resource for pushing back against efforts to turn public schools into private profit centers.
Isaiah J. Poole

The Education Spring’s ‘Year Of Action’ Revs Up

The 'new populism that is defining the economic debate in 2014 is also firing a new movement to reject failed education policy. This movement has developed substantial new organizational capacity and a much more powerful voice.
Jeff Bryant

When Being ‘For The Kids’ Really Isn’t

Instead of addressing root causes of poverty that affect academic performance, students and teachers are required to take on evermore-stringent "no excuses" academic requirements. Is this education reform, or abuse?
Jeff Bryant

False Compromises In The Education Debate

Political disputes are supposed to be resolvable only when parties "meet in the middle" and agree. But with the issue of "education reform," only one of the disputing parties in the debate tends to be implored to seek compromise.
Jeff Bryant

Show Us The Money For Pre-K

Congress needs to take an important step toward intervening with something that really would help our neediest children – early childhood education programs.
Jeff Bryant

What Could Be Wrong With ‘School Choice’?

All the parental choice in the world is useless without the guarantee to the availability of good schools everywhere for all students. Until leaders start fighting for that, proclamations for "school choice" will ring hollow.
Jeff Bryant
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