Tax Cuts Are Theft

Conservatives like to say that taxes are theft. In fact it is tax cuts that are theft because they break a long-standing contract. Why else would We, the People have set up this system, if not for the benefit of We, the People?

Latest Reagan Revolution Price Tag: A $313 Billion Wage Cut

There's another chapter to add to the narrative my colleague Dave Johnson sketched out some weeks ago about how the Reagan revolution has come home to roost, based on sobering statistics uncovered by David Cay Johnston.
Isaiah J. Poole

The Big Reagan Recovery Was Government Spending And Hiring

Conservatives like to talk about how well the economy did under Reagan, and how poorly it is doing now. Then they say that government "takes money out of the economy." But the difference in economic growth was that under Reagan the government was spending and hiring, and now it isn't.

Forgetting Reagan

Sally Kohn will be a featured speaker at Take Back the American Dream, convening in Washington from Oct. 3 to 5. The following was originally published at The American Prospect. […]

Revisiting the Reagan Nightmare

"Now that he is safely dead, let us praise him." poet Carl Wendell Hines wrote of Martin Luther King Jr., after his assassination. Ronald Reagan has been "safely dead" for […]
Terrance Heath

The Reagan Ruins

The celebration of Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday doesn’t come until early March, but the devotions have been going on for years. For conservatives, Reagan is the lodestar, the genial demigod […]
Robert Borosage

The Tax That Turned Ronald Reagan Right

With the centennial of our 40th President’s birth fast approaching, how about a shout-out for the soak-the-rich tax rates that he so despised — and more civic-minded Hollywood stars so […]

Did The Rich Cause The Deficit

Washington is inundated with deficit commissions. The country has piled up a huge debt because we cut taxes for the wealthy and borrowed to make up the difference. But everyone […]

Mourning in America Death of the Middle Class

The deficit commission report issued last week is another Saturday night special pressed to the temple of the American middle class. “Turn over your money and your benefits or your […]
Leo Gerard

To Lift The Economy Lift Wages

To lift the economy, we have to lift wages. Increased wages will restore demand. The changes that will increase wages will help restore democracy. The social contract used to be […]

Tax Cuts Are Theft: An Amplification

Dave Johnson’s post on the broken contract that’s allowed private interests to siphon off our public wealth for the past 30 years is incredibly important. His basic argument is this: […]
Sara Robinson

The Ghost of Reagan Hovers Over AIG

In every article assessing the roots of today’s financial crisis, one theme stands out: As would-be Wall Street wizards came up with ever-more-fantastical strategies for making obscene profits, the guardians […]
Isaiah J. Poole