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DeVos May Squeak Through Senate advances DeVos nomination. The Hill: "Senators voted 52-48 to advance DeVos’s nomination. No Democrats voted yes. The vote, which came during a rare Friday session, sets up lawmakers to take a final vote early next week. Vice President...

Progressive Breakfast

Executive Orders Half-Baked Trump's executive orders not well thought through. Politico: "The breakneck pace of Trump’s executive actions might please his supporters, but critics are questioning whether the documents are being rushed through without the necessary...

Republicans, Here's Your Way Out Of the Obamacare Vise

The Republicans are in a jam. For the last six years, they've pledged to repeal Obamacare, but haven't figured out a plan for replacing it. They are ideologically opposed to government involvement, but they know that taking away the health insurance of 20 million...

How Many Won't Watch Trump's Inauguration?

In The New Republic, I counseled people to deny Donald Trump big TV ratings and refuse to watch his inauguration, as well as future State of Union addresses, speeches and interviews. Previously on The Rick Smith Show, I discussed how low TV ratings would rattle Trump,...

Don’t Watch Donald Trump’s Inauguration

The following is excerpted from The New Republic. Click here to read the full article. ...That inauguration next week? Don’t watch. State of the Union? You’re better off with an early night’s sleep. Oval Office addresses? Speeches? Rallies? Press conferences?...

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