The Populist Agenda Is An Electable Agenda

How did an unapologetic liberal like Bernie Sanders with a campaign that relies on small donors even come close to threatening a candidate like Hillary Clinton? Look at his platform.
Terrance Heath

Sanders Gets In

The race for the Democratic nomination for president was transformed today as populist stalwart Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy. In a populist moment, Sanders is the real deal.
Robert Borosage

Populism Rises – And The ‘Center’ Strikes Back

There is no avoiding two harsh realities that “centrist” Democrats must now confront: They appear to be unexpectedly locked in a battle for control of their party, and their policies are unpopular.
Richard Eskow

Chuck Schumer’s Populist Concession

Sen. Chuck Schumer started a brawl when he blamed the Democrats' losses on President Obama's success in passing health care reform. Missed in the hubbub is the surprising populist concession of the senator from Wall Street.
Robert Borosage

Hillary’s Sister Souljah Moment

For Hillary Clinton, the 2016 challenge will be to reassure voters that she is on their side. To overcome the fact that she's Wall Street's favorite candidate, perhaps she should seek out her own Sister Souljah moment.
Robert Borosage

How to Build a Powerful People’s Movement

How do we build a people’s movement? We start with vision. Prophetic moral vision seeks to penetrate despair, so that we can believe in and embrace new futures. It does not ask if the vision can be implemented
Rev. William Barber

The New Populism: Ready For The Fight Ahead

At the New Populism Conference, Rev. William Barber reminded progressive populists that we must know why we fight, and what we're fighting for. We must not shrink from battle, when we have all we need to fight and win.
Terrance Heath

Pollster Celinda Lake’s New Populism Warning

There are Republican candidates and pollsters "who get this new populism," Celinda Lake told The New Populism Conference last week. If Democrats don't effectively align themselves with the populist mood, Republicans will.
Isaiah J. Poole

Elizabeth Warren and The New Populist Challenge

Led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a new populist challenge is emerging that is already influencing the national debate in 2014, and will have a major impact in 2016, whether or not the senator is ultimately drafted to run.
Robert Borosage

What Is The New Populism?

The new populism stands in the grand American tradition of opposition to financial aristocracies. It is founded in today's reality. Its reform agenda gains broad support. And it is growing, challenging the limits of both parties.
Robert Borosage

Can The New Populism Save The Climate?

As progressives gather in Washington on May 22 for the New Populism Conference, to shape and organize around a populist agenda, it's worth discussing if and how populism can be harnessed to save the planet.
Bill Scher

Look Out, Wall Street, the New Populism is Coming

Make no mistake about it: the public’s mood is distinctly populist. And much of that populist sentiment is directed toward the financial institutions that have so badly damaged our economy.
Richard Eskow

The Populist Wave: Politics And Pitchforks

Populist sentiments are on the rise. But the stunted economic recovery — and big GOP money — makes it hard for Democrats to exploit them. That helps conservative candidates confuse voters with their own populist poses.
Robert Borosage

The New Populist Movement: Organizing to Take Back America

A new progressive populist movement is rising up in the United States. Inspired by an expansive vision of greater economic opportunity for all Americans, this new movement is also fueled by anger over politicians’ broken promises.
Roger Hickey

Populism: The Democrats’ Great Divide

Democrats are remarkably unified behind the jobs and inequality agenda the president ticked off in his State of the Union address. But beneath this surface calm, there is a growing divide within the Democratic Party.
Robert Borosage

The New Populism

A "new populism" is stirring, as the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party begins to challenge Wall Street's domination of our politics. But rebuilding the middle class will require a fierce, independent popular mobilization.
Robert Borosage

Populism Rising?

The beltway has discovered populism. The president has declared inequality to be the defining challenge of our time. Already the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party is raising alarms. Here's a quick look at the new populism
Robert Borosage