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Our Opioid Crisis Needs More Than Crocodile Tears

U.S. Senate and House committees have approved competing bills that purport to address the “opioid crisis.” Since these are consensus measures, it’s no surprise that the legislation is a catchall of small ideas. Sure, progressives should enact whatever they can. But...

How to Argue With Gun Nuts

Every six months or so there is an especially horrific gun massacre. The cold-blooded slaughter in Las Vegas, the most deadly single-shooter incident in American history with 58 dead and more than 500 injured, was only last October. So, it’s just the appalling truth...

Black Families Flee Extended School Year

School “reformers” have, for decades, promoted the idea of extending the number of school days per year, from the current norm of 180 days to 190 or 200. Yet for all their talk, there has been extremely little evidence that two or four additional weeks of school would...

Talking Truth About Guns & Gambling After Vegas

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, authorities and interest groups have put on a master class in how to bamboozle the media and whitewash unpleasant truths. It’s time to talk about what’s really happening with guns and gun violence in our country....

Never Say Tax Reform, Say Fairness

We are about to embark on a nationwide debate over taxes. Newspapers want to call this a debate over “tax reform.” It is not. Progressives should never say “tax reform” and never accept this phrase as the basis for debate. Whether it’s a matter before federal, state...

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