Does Mitt Romney Care About Black People?

Almost six years ago, the nation watched poor, mostly African-Americans suffer and die waiting for government help in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Meanwhile, conservative pundits declared that Katrina victims only had themselves to blame.
Terrance Heath

Romney and Republicans: Keeping Black America In The Red

I confess, when I heard Mitt Romney would be making his official pitch for the African-American vote at the NAACP convention, I groaned. "Why, oh why couldn't it have been Newt Gingrich?" Seriously, it would have been so much more fun to watch. Or even Rick Santorum.
Terrance Heath

Economic Cliff Ahead: Economist Damon Silvers’ Warning

On Wednesday the stock market remained in the doldrums, thanks largely to the release of Federal Reserve June meeting minutes that revealed that at least some members of the Fed believed the economy needs "further policy stimulus," but the Fed nonetheless took no action to boost the economy during t...
Isaiah J. Poole

Great Republican Moments At The NAACP

The booing of Mitt Romney at the NAACP convention is just the latest hilarious result of Republican presidents and presidential candidates straining to court the African-American vote at the annual event. Here's a trip down Memory Lane...
Bill Scher

QOTD: David Dreier

And he's supposed to be one of the reasonable ones: Rep.

We Got Your Jobs Bills Right Here

While on vacation last week, I came across a CNN analysis that asked an important question, especially in light of Friday’s jobs numbers: Where are the jobs bills?
Terrance Heath

Jobs Emergency Hollowing Out The Middle Class

We have a jobs emergency that is hollowing out the middle class. Some say automation is the cause of our high unemployment and that it will get worse. Others say there are other structural problems and that our high unemployment is a "new normal." Perhaps these are contributing to the problems.

A Job Creation Saga

The United Steelworkers would not take “shut” for an answer.
Leo Gerard

Need More Jobs And Less Sabotage

Another lackluster jobs report with 80K new jobs and an unchanged 8.2% unemployment, Keep in mind that we lost 815,000 jobs in Bush's last month, but this still is not good enough.

Jobs Report: Challenge Congress To Act, Obama To Fight

Updated 8:47 a.m. — Today's unemployment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics will be closely watched for its political impact on the presidential race. But it is not the numbers that will be most consequential.
Isaiah J. Poole

Is Obama’s Corporate-Friendly Approach Really “How Liberals Win”?

Recently my friend and colleague Bill Scher challenged progressive critics of President Obama's conciliatory approach toward corporations with a New York Times op-ed entitled "How Liberals Win." Far from being "business as usual," Bill writes, "the Supreme Court's upholding of Mr.
Richard Eskow

Obama Takes Action On China Trade

What did you think the word "trade" meant? You probably thought it meant we buy from them, and they buy from us, and we both get richer. I'll bet you never thought "trade" means we buy from them, and they don't buy from us, and they get richer and we get poorer, did you?

Freedom Isn’t Free

As Independence Day approaches, I've been thinking about that iconic American saying, "Freedom Isn't Free."

Romney’s Independence Day Advice: Buy Foreign

America commemorates its Independence Day this week with food, festivity and fireworks. To supply these events, Mitt Romney recommends: Buy foreign. Americans naturally think the patriotic choice would be to buy American. But for Romney, capitalism trumps patriotism. Romney goes where the money is.
Leo Gerard

How Liberals Win

President Obama has endured much criticism of his legislative skills from his fellow progressives. His conciliatory approach has been compared unfavorably with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s gleeful pugnacity and Lyndon B. Johnson’s relentless arm-twisting.
Bill Scher

7 Ways Obama Lied About Your Health Coverage

President Obama promised that if you have health insurance now, it won't change. Here are 7 ways he lied: 1) Under the new law your insurer can't drop your coverage after you get sick. This is a change in the coverage you already have. Obama lied.
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