The Bain of Health Care

Unless you've been off the planet for the better part of this year, you've heard all about Mitt Romney's vulture capitalist career at the helm of Bain Capital — the private equity firm founded by Romney, where he gained the experience he touts as his chief qualification for the presidency.
Terrance Heath

It’s The Guns, Stupid

Via TPM: Conservative columnist George Will said Sunday that the Aurora, Colo. shootings have little to do with the nation’s gun laws, describing it as the product of an isolated, deranged individual.

Mitt’s Offshore Shenanigans: The Bigger Story

All those official government stats on the maldistribution of wealth in the United States — and the world — vastly understate the actual extent of our contemporary inequality, says a blockbuster new study on global tax havens.

Our Dark Night

Nowadays we outsource our madness to the movies.
Richard Eskow

The Minimum Wage Is So Low That It’s Immoral – and Foolish

Economic issues make some people's eyes glaze over, so we'll put this plainly: Today's minimum wage is epic in its injustice and Dickensian in its cruelty. It's a shame that Dickens himself isn't here to write about it. Oh, and we almost forgot: Keeping it this low isn't very smart, either.
Richard Eskow

Some Make Big Money Hurting The Rest Of Us

Our economy doesn't function well without strong government oversight, regulation and demand-creating "stimulus." We also need strong government to empower and protect us from those (foreign and domestic) who would keep us down and under their control.

Presto! The DISCLOSE Act Disappears

With Michael Winship Ask any magician and they’ll tell you that the secret to a successful magic trick is misdirection — distracting the crowd so they don’t realize how they’re being fooled.

The Real Crime Is Talking About The Causes

So I understand from the twitter scolds that we are not supposed to talk about this mass murder except to share clinical details about what happened and express condolences to the victims.

Want a Real Recovery? Raise the Minimum Wage.

Scratch the surface of just about any economic debate this election year, and you'll find one issue that goes all the way to the core: the yawning gap between the 1% and the rest of us, as skyrocketing income inequality.
Terrance Heath

Someone Else’s Child

Before Andrew Leonard's paean to paying taxes (inspired by his house catching fire) sparked me to write a different post on Friday, I'd intended to write a wrap-up post, comparing Mitt Romney's NAACP speech to
Terrance Heath

Myanmar and the Asian Transformation

I write from a patio overlooking the palmed courtyard of the Raffles Hotel Le Royal in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The colonial vestiges have their appeal.
Robert Borosage

Maybe Mitt Thinks We Can’t Handle The Truth

Everyone wants to know, "What is Mitt Romney hiding?" Or - given that lately every day seems seems bring to another revelation about Romney's offshore accounts, or
Terrance Heath

The Big Jobs #Fail

If our government just did the infrastructure work it has to do anyway eventually, much of the unemployment emergency would go away and the economy would get better. It's just that simple. But they won't. Infrastructure = Internal Improvements That Support Business

WTF Moment — US Olympic Team Uniforms Made In China

The U.S. Olympic team's uniforms were made in China? This might be a WTF moment for the country, over the practice of sending our jobs, factories, industries and economy to China for the super-enrichment of a few. What next, a President made in China?

Reviving and Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing

Following is the talk I gave to the Take Back the American Dream conference panel, Making It In America: Reviving and Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing. You have undoubtedly heard the numbers, almost all of them bad.

What Happened At Bain In 1999?

I have been wondering obsessively why Romney is so keen on saying that he left Bain in 99 instead of 02.

Critical Questions Democrats Must Ask About School Choice

Left-leaning people everywhere recently got a hoot when the Texas Republican Party declared its opposition to the teaching of "Higher Order Thinking Skills," including "critical thinking skills," in public schools.
Jeff Bryant
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