Equity and Sensibility

A long time ago, in an historical America, lawmakers determined a progressive tax code to be the fairest and most logical for all. The legislators asked more of those who had benefitted most from the advantages America provides. They asked less of those who benefitted least.
Leo Gerard

The Obama Tax Plan A Test for America

Can democracy, one top political scientist asked last week, 'function effectively in a society marked by vast economic inequality'? The fate of the modest new White House bid to tax our rich may tell the tale.

Job Creators

They used to say that the money wealthy people spent would trickle down to everyone else, but nobody was really buying it. I'm not sure anyone's buying this either: "Let's define rich," Scarborough suggested. "So, what's the cutoff? Is it $500,000?"

Allen West and the Conservative Mind

I didn't think that anyone — not even her fellow Republicans — could top Michelle Bachmann's 2008 interview with Chris Matthews, in which she accused then-candidate Barack Obama — and certain members of Congress — of being "anti-American," and urged the media to "do a penetrating expose" cer...
Terrance Heath

Racial Discrimination by Banks is Worsening the Foreclosure Crisis

Is there a house in your neighborhood that everybody hates to walk past? You know, the one with broken and boarded up windows, trash left to gather on the lawn, and grass so overgrown it’s becoming a habitat for rodents? If you have a house like that in your community, you know it’s more than ju...
Alan Jenkins

Make Mitt Pay His Fair Share

We have a lot of work to do in America: jobs to create, infrastructure to build, clean energy to generate, homeowners to save, teachers to hire and student debt to retire.
Robert Borosage

The Real War On Youth – and Esquires Dubious Achievements

In 2010 the men's magazine Esquire enlisted Lawrence O'Donnell, along with a panel of Republicans and economically centrist Democrats, to duplicate the anti-Social Security efforts of the Simpson/Bowles Deficit Commission.
Richard Eskow

Hey Etch-A-Sketch-Conservatives Time to Resurrect Some Honesty

A spring awash with Etch A Sketch conservatives, camera-wielding GOP con men and a bogus deficit reduction budget from House Republicans shows that for the right, wrong is justified when it achieves the desired results. A perfect example of this political philosophy is the work of James E.
Leo Gerard

Invoking Fake Job Creators to Cut Taxes on the Rich

Conservatives like House Speaker John Boehner say the government can't raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires because they are "job creators." Instead, House Republicans are once more calling for trillions in more tax cuts for the richest Americans.
Robert Borosage

Prosecute OKeefe Voter Fraud Make An Example

A new video is circulating showing an actual case of voter fraud! We can finally show people what happens if you commit voter fraud. Let's prosecute the perpetrator, put him in jail for a long time, and set a clear example and send a loud message: do not do this!


Europe's in crisis. Unemployment is at a fifteen-year high after climbing for ten straight months, thanks to the austerity measures imposed on it by conservative leaders in France, Germany, and the international financial community.
Richard Eskow

99 Spring NEXT WEEK April 9-15

The 99% Spring movement has been training people to lead non-violent protests, and action against corporate control begins next week. Click here to find out what is happening near you. "900+ Events, 49 states, Tens of Thousands of People, Hundreds of Groups -- This is historic.

Want Jobs Rescue Homeowners – and Spend Baby Spend

Now we know: The jobs situation is bleak, and it will continue to be bleak until we face up to the fact that we need more stimulus spending - lots more - and we have to relieve millions of homeowners from their indentured servitude to Wall Street so that they can help restore the economy too.
Richard Eskow

Jobs Report Conservatives Stalling The Recovery

Today's jobs report—120,000 new jobs created in March—underscores what we have been arguing for months: We must have a dramatic increase in the investments we need to make in infrastructure, education and other fundamenta
Isaiah J. Poole
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