Tell Obama Fire DeMarco

Two weeks ago we called on top housing finance regulator and Bush administration holdover Edward DeMarco to reduce mortgage principal for struggling homeowners. “Move or be removed,” we said. Thousands of you responded.
Robert Borosage

Members Of Congress Join Activists In Demanding Homeowner Relief

Key voices on Capitol Hill today echoed the message that underwater homeowners need the principal on their mortgages reduced, and that the government official responsible for keeping that from happening should either change his position or step down from his post.
Isaiah J. Poole

DeMarco Speaks (With Closed Captioning For the Mortgage-Impaired)

Edward DeMarco is the beleaguered bureaucrat in charge of an agency called the Federal Housing Finance Agency. And because the FHFA is now managing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, DeMarco's in charge of most American mortgages. He's been the target of resignation demands for weeks.
Richard Eskow

99 Spring Shareholder Meeting Protests Begin

The 99% Spring movement is starting to make itself heard at corporate shareholder meetings around the country. And next week it really gets started and will be big. (I'll be reporting from the GE shareholder meeting next week in Detroit.)


Good Lord, what is the matter with people? There are millions of jobs that need doing, and millions of unemployed. How hard is it to figure out what to do?

Closing Loopholes To Keep Jobs in America

Just as public works projects launched by FDR put millions of unemployed people to work during the Great Depression, the Obama administration has pushed to invest billions in public works projects to create jobs for millions of today’s unemployed.
Farbod Kadkhoda

Transportation Progressives Fast Lane vs Conservatives Dirt Road

The House of Representatives this afternoon scheduled a vote on a three-month, stopgap transportation funding bill, as conservatives struggle to decide what sort of long-term transportation plan it is willing to put on the House floor for a vote.
Isaiah J. Poole

2013 Budget Debate May Be Setting The Standard For Crazy

Originally posted at Capital Gains and Games. If you weren't convinced that anything related to the federal budget on Capital Hill is completely nuts this year, just think about these three things, all of which are happening this week:

Ryan Budget A Loser In Republican Battlegrounds

House Republicans can call their budget a "Path to Prosperity" all they want, but as far as the American Majority is concerned, it's a path to political defeat for the politicians who support it—if progressives make the right arguments in favor of an alternative that grows the economy and protects...
Isaiah J. Poole

Tax Day Protesters Challenge the Norquist Pledge

Today, as millions of Americans have coalesced to demand the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes, one crusader, pledge in hand, stands in the way: Grover Norquist.
Farbod Kadkhoda

The Elvis Index: Why the Rich Should Pay a Lot More On Tax Day

Let's face it. The subject of taxes intimidates a lot of people, and it can be an understandably touchy subject. So we won't inundate you with charts, graphs, and tables to tell you why the rich are getting away with murder on tax day.
Richard Eskow

Titanic Tax Shirking by Those in First Class

President Obama's 2011 income tax documents showed on Friday that he paid a significantly higher rate than the significantly richer Mitt Romney, highlighting the titanic level of tax shirking committed by far too many 1 percenters. President Obama paid 20.5 percent on earnings of $789,674.
Leo Gerard

How Centrist Democrats Are Helping Conservatives – and Failing Americas Moms

So a corporate Democratic lobbyist named Hillary Rosen made a gaffe about Ann Romney's resumé. So what? The reality is that Moms of all ages have been wounded by an obsolete and misguided consensus among Washington elites - a consensus that is too often mislabeled as 'centrism.'
Richard Eskow

The Pothole in Our Political Psyche

Even rich people sooner or later have to drive over bridges. So why aren't the wealthy screaming about America's inadequate — and increasingly unsafe — basic infrastructure?

The Next Stage For The 99 Spring

This past weekend, tens of thousands of people participated in what amounted to the largest effort to train progressives in nonviolent direct action in recent history.
Isaiah J. Poole

Letting Us Die

As I write this, little more than a 2.
Terrance Heath

Mitts Secret Assurances

So a reporter standing outside on the sidewalk at a Mitt Romney fundraiser overheard the pitch. And guess what? Mitt's openly telling people that his campaign is dishonest:

The Stakes In The Buffett Rule Vote

The Senate is scheduled today to vote on Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's "Paying a Fair Share Act of 2012," which seeks to enshrine into law the "Buffett Rule" that millionaires and billionaires should not be paying taxes at a lower rate than the people who work for them.
Isaiah J. Poole

All Mobbed Up

This story about the potential merging of the Republican Super PACs is downright chilling:

The Latest SECGoldman Sachs Sweetheart Deal Is the Worst One Yet

The sweetheart deals just keep coming. Lawbreakers at one bank after another are let off the hook as their shareholders write a check. And then they go out and repeat the illegal behavior they promised not to do in the last settlement.
Richard Eskow

Grim Reality Media Misses The Point Of The Buffett Rule Fight

This will make you long for the mythical days of "liberal media bias." A news story in The Washington Post this morning bashes the current debate around the Buffett rule in a classic case of conservative media bias.
Isaiah J. Poole
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