A Little Light in the Dark Corridors of Power

Four and a half years after the "recovery" began, economic pain remains widespread. Yet the Washington/Wall Street tell Americans, "Have patience." Now, Larry Summers suggests a core economic assumption of the American elite might be dead wrong.
Jeff Faux

Fast Food With A Side Of Poverty, And What It Costs Us

Low-wage jobs in the fast-food sector are costing American taxpayers nearly $7 billion every year. More than half of fast-food workers must rely on programs like food stamps and Medicaid to make ends meet.
Derek Pugh

Forget About the Tourists, Worry About the Workers

The government shutdown is revealing how easily distracted we are by shiny objects. Tourist sites are important, but they fail to capture the economic pain that ordinary Americans, and especially the poor, will feel if the shutdown drags on.
Joshua Holland

The “God of Money”

On Sunday, during a meeting with a group of unemployed workers, Pope Francis abandoned his prepared comments and railed against economic inequality. Hopefully, world leaders were listening.

The President Has More Power Than Just A Bully Pulpit

Home health care workers are dramatically underpaid and overworked, and they care for some of our society's most vulnerable citizens. President Obama did something about it which was long overdue. Good for him.

The Rich Just Keep Getting Richer…

It's no longer just an expression – the rich are getting richer, and the rest of us are being shut out of the game. A new report says that the top 10% took home more than half of all the income in 2012. More than 20% went to the top 1%.

In Los Angeles, Labor Redefines Itself

In a watershed moment in labor history, the AFL-CIO has decided to expand its membership to include all groups working to organize workers. “It’s time to turn America right side up!” President Richard Trumka declared at the union's annual convention.

Working For Workers On Labor Day And Beyond

For millions of low-wage workers, Labor Day was just another working day, for the same lousy pay. The movement for livable wages doesn't take a day off either. In fact, it's growing.
Terrance Heath

Finishing the March for Livable Wages

Fifty years after the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, low-wage workers are continuing the march for livable wages. In 35 cities, fast food workers are striking for a $15 minimum wage and the right to organize.
Terrance Heath

“Can’t Survive On $7.25!”

The minimum wage has not been raised in forever – more and more people are falling behind. A few are getting fabulously wealthy from this arrangement. The Progressive Caucus held […]

The Economy Can’t Recover If the Workers Don’t

Can the economy recover if workers don’t? Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke yesterday suggested as much, but investors were clearly skittish. Bernanke announced that while the Fed would continue its […]
Robert Borosage

Real Faces of the Minimum Wage

Corporate interests and their elected representatives have created a world of illusion in order to resist paying a decent wage to working Americans. They’d have us believe that minimum-wage workers […]
Richard Eskow

Time To Demand A Vote To Increase The Minimum Wage

More than 15,000 people have signed a SignOn.org petition posted by the Campaign for America's Future to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and then index it to inflation.
Isaiah J. Poole

Bait and Switch, CEO Style

As the U.S. Commerce Department released a report late last month showing corporate profits at a 60-year high, suddenly the big news was about how cheating surely must be rampant in social security disability.
Leo Gerard

The Sinking American Electorate: Young And In Peril

Millennials – the largest, best educated, and most diverse generation in our nation’s history – have one question for Democrats seeking election in 2014: Do your values really reflect ours? […]
Derek Pugh

The Long Depression

Years ago I heard an old Irish politician tell a joke, in that brogue only old-time Irish politicians could pull off, about a prisoner who had his tonsils removed one […]
Richard Eskow

2014: The Democrats’ Dilemma

Washington has been fascinated by Republican self-laceration since the 2012 election. Karl Rove triggered a circular firing squad by vowing to take out unwashed challengers in GOP primaries. Louisiana Governor […]
Robert Borosage
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