#timefor1010: Campaign Begins For $10.10 Minimum Wage

The news just keeps getting better for the millions of Americans making minimum wage. Today, three weeks to the day after President Obama called for raising the minimum wage to […]
Richard Long

Raise the Roof to Raise the Floor

Today, Senator Tom Harkin and Representative George Miller offer a ray of light amid the austerity blight in Washington.  They are announcing introduction of a bill – the Fair Minimum […]
Robert Borosage

Washington: Into the Vast Inane

Someone asked the Master about the principles of … traveling into the vast inane. – From the Bao Pu Zi, AD 320, Joseph Needham, Science and Civilization in China Welcome […]
Robert Borosage

40% Of Americans Now Make Less Than 1968 Minimum Wage

The minimum wage would be $16.50 an hour -- $33,000 a year -- if it had kept up with the growth of productivity since 1968. This means 40% of Americans now make less than the 1968 minimum wage, had the minimum wage kept pace with productivity gains.

The Great Wealth Robbery

Two important events took place this week. One was President Obama’s call for a higher minimum wage, which got a lot of attention. The other was a new report which […]
Richard Eskow

The State of the Progressive Union 2013

A State of the Union address is always important. It’s the president’s opportunity to tell the nation what he or she plans to do in the coming year. But what […]
Richard Eskow

President Obama Must Speak the Word Union Loudly

President Obama demonstrated his gutsiness in recent months by speaking so many words that craven politicians contend cannot be spoken. These are hot-button words like same sex-marriage, immigration reform, gun […]
Leo Gerard

The State of the Union Stakes

The president has little choice but to focus on the central challenge now facing the country – and his emerging progressive coalition today.
Robert Borosage

Immigration Reform Prevents Employer Abuse

Oscar came to the United States at the age of 16 to work. There were no jobs for him in his native Guatemala, and he felt obligated to help support […]
Leo Gerard

Smart Talk On The Next Austerity Disaster

The United States is in the midst of the most protracted unemployment crisis in modern history, and for vast segments of the population, the recession has never ended. Wages are […]
Robert Borosage

Obama’s Second Act

F. Scott Fitzgerald warned, “There are no second acts in American lives.” And for recent American presidents, second acts have been brutal. The hope of the first act succumbs to […]
Robert Borosage

"Death Panel" of GOP Governors Refuse Medicaid Expansion

A growing number Republican Governors are refusing to expand their state Medicaid programs. The Supreme Court weakened the Medicaid expansion written into the Affordable Care Act, when it ruled that […]
Terrance Heath

Budget Bedlam: Common Sense in the Madhouse

Washington is careening off the fiscal cliff smack into the debt ceiling.  These mind-numbing mixed metaphors are not the currency of a well-governed nation. Once more, Washington is fixated on […]
Robert Borosage

An Ugly Deal

Early this morning, the Senate passed the fiscal cliff deal by 89-8, a margin virtually guaranteeing that it will survive in the House.
Robert Borosage

What About The Jobs and Wages Cliff?

One of the most maddening features of the current fiscal cliff/fiscal swindle debate is that the chattering class rarely acknowledges the people who have already fallen off the cliff: 5 […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Meanwhile, Back In The Real Economy

Howard Kurtz writes that Americans are "tuning out" the "fiscal cliff" debates in Washington because "the players haven’t gotten serious," about making a deal.
Terrance Heath

Hostess Failure Not Union’s Fault

You’ve probably heard that Hostess is closing down and putting more than 18,000 people out of work because greedy unions asked for too much. It’s a lie. Ask yourself this: […]

Casey Mulligan: Wrong Again on Minimum Wage

In yet another attack on the minimum wage, New York Times Economix blogger Casey Mulligan argues that the failure of part-time employment to continue to increase at the end of 2009 is proof that the July 2009 minimum wage increase prevented 800,000 part-time jobs from being created.
Anne Thompson

The Best Of The American Spirit?

Michelle Obama's speech last night got rave reviews. (If you didn't see it, you can watch it here.) It was a very well written and well-delivered speech, personal and yet political, subtly showing the differences between the Obama worldview and the Romney worldview.

Will the Democrats Speak For the People?

Last week the Republicans gathered under the hurricane skies of approaching autumn, their convocation punctuated by thunder and underlined by rain.
Richard Eskow

Obama’s Challenge: Answer the Question of What Comes Next

As Democrats gather in Charlotte, N.C., one fundamental challenge remains in President Obama’s reelection campaign. He must use the convention to provide a compelling answer to the basic question on voters’ minds: What does he plan to do to get the economy going and put people back to work?
Robert Borosage

Unions Enforce Democracy

What is Labor Day? And why is it a national holiday? Labor Day is our national holiday to celebrate the contribution that regular working people make to our country and our economy.

Some Great Short Videos For Labor Day

First, a great music video, We Are The Union, from CWA. I love this one, "Brooklyn Cablevision workers saw through the corporate lies, organized to join CWA, and immortalized the experience in this amazing song."

Bill Koch Antoinette?

What do Marie Antoinette and one Bill Koch have in common?
Terrance Heath
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