Burning Issues: The Progressive Challenge

Robert Borosage, in the final Burning Issues video, presents a challenge to progressives to continue the debate on foreign and domestic policy opened up by Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.
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Burning Issues: The Occupation of Palestine

Jim Zogby, a member of the Democratic Party platform committee, predicts in this Burning Issues video "another difficult four years" for Palestinians as a result of the platform's stance on Israel.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Burning Issues: The Militarization of Foreign Aid

A dramatic shift in foreign aid spending to the Defense Department has created significant risks for U.S. diplomacy and peacemaking, says Colby Goodman of the Center for International Policy in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: Fixing Our Policy In the Middle East

U.S. interventions in the Middle East over the past decades have been a clear failure by any measure, and we need a new direction, military expert Andrew Bacevich says in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: What Our China Policy Should Be

Instead of listening to voices inside the Pentagon calling for more military muscle against China, we should continue President Obama's policy of "strategic patience," Lawrence Korb says in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: Taking On ISIS

Eliminating the threat of ISIS requires shifting our focus to addressing the conditions that drive people to align with ISIS, Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies says in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: Military Trainers in Iraq and Afghanistan

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis questions in this Burning Issues video the strategy of using U.S. troops to train foreign fighters after seeing first hand the failures of this strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Burning Issues: Fracking as Foreign Policy

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has encouraged the use of fracking as a foreign policy tool, Charlie Cray of Greenpeace explains in this Burning Issues segment.
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Burning Issues: Our Failure in Afghanistan

Retired Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis argues in this Burning Issues video that the United States is "failing on every level" in Afghanistan, and sees presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as continuing the status quo.
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Burning Issues: Why The Pentagon Needs an Audit

The next president and Congress needs to make an audit of the Defense Department a top priority to root out waste and what the Project on Government Oversight's Danielle Brian calls "legalized corruption."
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Burning Issues: Is the Iran Nuclear Deal Working?

Critics of the Iran nuclear deal have stepped up their opposition, but there are clear successes that supporters need to keep elevating, says Kate Gould of the Friends Committee on National Legislation in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: The Arms Trade As A Foreign Policy Tool

We should challenge the practice of recent presidents, including President Obama, of using arms sales to further foreign policy interests, says William Hartung of the Center for International Policy in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: Buying Weapons That Don’t Work

The F-35 fighter place exemplifies how tax dollars are wasted at the Pentagon and how "political engineering" makes a project "too big to fail," Project on Government Oversight's Mandy Smithberger explains in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: Pentagon Spending Out of Control?

Danielle Brian, the executive director of the Project on Government Oversight, highlights the reasons why our Pentagon budget is so bloated in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: Reexamining Our Africa Policy

The next U.S. president needs to think of Africa as more than a source of minerals and fossil fuels, says Emira Woods of the Institute for Policy Studies in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: Protect Civilian Control of the Military

Retired Col. Lawrence Wilkerson explains that the fundamental principle of a civilian-run military answerable to a democratically elected president and Congress is under threat, in this Burning Issues video segment.
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Burning Issues: Avoiding The Failures of Militarism

Emira Woods, foreign policy fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, explains the need for the next president to take heed of America's weariness with war and the follies of military adventurism.
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Burning Issues: Lawrence Wilkerson on U.S. Empire-Building

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell's chief of staff offers a sharp critique of U.S. "imperial power" and offers praise for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: Is Climate Change A U.S. Security Threat?

Climate change has become a national security issue, according to Jason Kowalski of 350.org in this Burning Issues video segment. That means what a presidential candidate believes about climate change has serious ramifications.
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Burning Issues: Keep The Terror Threat In Context

Paul Pillar, a former U.S. intelligence official and author who now writes at The National Interest, discusses the importance of not overreacting to ISIS and other terror threats in this Burning Issues video segment.
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Burning Issues: The U.S. Plan For New Nuclear Weapons

Lawrence Korb of the Center for American Progress discusses what the United States should do to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons and highlights a key difference between presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his competitors.
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Burning Issues: Understanding The Children Fleeing To The U.S.

Adriana Bertrán of the Washington Office on Latin America explains the wave of Latin American children seeking entry into the United States and which presidential candidates are speaking to the root causes of that tragedy.
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Burning Issues: Understanding the Iran Nuclear Deal

Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund offers a passionate defense of the Obama administration's Iran nuclear deal in this Burning Issues video, explaining the perils of the Republican candidates' pledge to nullify it.
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Burning Issues: Cuban-American Relations and Human Rights

President Obama's recent opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba and the reactions of the presidential candidates are explored by Geoff Thale of the Washington Office on Latin America in this Burning Issues video.
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Burning Issues: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Daniel Kalik of J Street discusses which 2016 presidential candidate is best positioned to help Israel and the Palestinians reach a peace agreement in this Burning Issues video segment.
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Burning Issues: Understanding the Crisis in Syria

Jim Zogby, the president of the Arab American Institute, explains the "conflict within a conflict within a conflict" in Syria in this segment of the Burning Issues series.
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Burning Issues: Why Honduras Matters In The 2016 Campaign

Who was Berta Cáceres, why was she murdered in Honduras and, most importantly, why should that matter in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign? Mark Weisbrot explains in the latest in our video series.
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Burning Issues: Is Our Military Big Enough?

In this installment of the "Burning Issues" video series, Miriam Pemberton of the Institute for Policy Studies explains why voters should be wary of candidates who say America's military is weak and underfunded.
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Burning Issues: What Did We Learn from Libya?

Melvin A. Goodman, senior fellow at the Center for International Policy, discusses the lessons of the Libya crisis, and the political positions of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, in this video.
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